The 17th International School-Seminar “Modern Pedagogical Technologies in Education” was held at NTU “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”.
During the three days (January 29-31), the participants engaged in pedagogical workshops, workshops, business games, trainings, discussions, demonstrations aimed at the formation, development and improvement of personal and professional competences of teachers.

Among the activities of the seminar school is a master-class of Assistant Professor of the Department Eugenia Konstantinovna Shishkina "Designing a multimedia presentation"



















ArtKhpi Gallery launches a new series of lectures by Oleg Koval: "KhPI Artists". First lecture: Vadim Koltun - master of visual metaphor.
KhPI graduate Vadim Koltun (May 17, 1966), a Ukrainian and now German artist, a student of the renowned painter academician Victor Gontariv, boldly and swiftly broke into Kharkiv and - more broadly - in the Ukrainian contemporary art space as an artist-philosopher, emblematist, emblematist, emblematist the topics of the East, the biblical themes and cultural concepts of our European world. The complex metaphorical world of the master will be discussed in the lecture.
Lecturer's background:
Oleg Koval is an art critic, cultural scientist, semiotician, linguist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (Section of Art Studies), International Association of Artists (AIS). The main area of ​​his scientific interests is the semiotics of culture, language and art. He also deals with the problems of linguistics of discourse and linguoesthetics. Works on the study of verbal-visual synthesis in the theory and practice of the visual arts of the 20-21th centuries. Author of the book Creating a Sign. Essays on linguoesthetics and semiotics of art (together with V.V. Feshchenko, Moscow, publishing house "Languages ​​of Slavic culture", 2014), "Pencil drawing school" (together with VP Senin, Kharkiv - Moscow, publishing house "Family Club" leisure, 2007, 2010, 2011) and over 250 articles on general linguistics, theory and history of art and culture. He is an employee of the ART KhPI Gallery and a teacher of art history at the Kharkov School of Art. He was the editor-in-chief of the Anima Rerum Applied Arts and Antiques magazine.



October 18 - 20, 2019 The first international historical hackathon # Hack4history was held in Minsk (Belarus). 14 teams from different countries, consisting of historians, museum workers, NGO representatives and IT specialists, gathered at the Johannes Rau Minsk International Educational Center. Ukraine, in particular, was represented by a team. It includes associate professors of the Department of Ukrainian Studies, cultural studies and history of science Svetlana Telukha and Igor Dvorkin, as well as a graduate of NTU "KPI" Vladimir Kramsky. Within 48 hours, the team, with the help of history, design, programming and marketing specialists, completed their pre-selected projects. The project of a multimedia platform for the memory of the Second World War in Kharkov from the team "Don't forget" became the winner of the hackathon and received the support needed to refine the project to a complete product.

We are glad to inform you that the ART KHPI Gallery is launching a new season of art history lectures.
This time our famous art critic Oleg Koval will tell about the origin, evolution and character of the Aegean art development. The lecturer will reveal the peculiarities of plastic thinking of the masters of the time, as well as show how this art resonates with our times.
Particular attention will be given to Cycladic sculpture and paintings by the Knossos Palace.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, September 26th!

Venue: Palace of Students of NTU "KPI", audience № 5 (79/1 Pushkinskaya St.)

Further lectures will be held every Wednesday at 18:00.