Department history
The Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest departments of our institute. 128 years ago, April 15, 1885 approved the document “Regulations on HTI”, in which, inter alia, in §4 can be read: “… at the institute are taught by God’s law, higher mathematics, descriptive geometry …”. However, in the structure of the Institute of Mathematics at the time the department was not. For the teaching of higher mathematics courses were invited officers of Kharkiv University.

Andreev KA

Tihomandritsky MA

Lyapunov AM

Steklov VA

It is known that in the 1885/1886 academic year, the HTI analytical geometry taught university professor Andreev KA, differential and integral calculus course read Associate Professor University Tihomandritsky MA In 1887, for reading advanced mathematics courses at the Institute was invited Lyapunov AM, assistant professor of mathematics and analytical mechanics. Later, together with VA Steklov, his disciple, Lyapunov AM developing a “method of teaching mathematics in HTI”. Steklov VA HTI taught since 1893. At the same time he mentioned the name of Professor of Mathematics MF Kowalski. The curricula of 1902-1903 academic year among staff HTI referred Psheborsky AP, Collegiate Councillor, Master of Pure Mathematics, faculty recruitment Lagutinsky MN, assistant professor of the University of reading in HTI course of analytical geometry and Alexis B. VP, assistant professor of the University, Master of pure mathematics, which led a course in differential and integral calculus. Since 1909, a course in differential and integral calculus in HTI read Belyankin II


It is known that in 1923, HTI has been the chair of mathematics, and its first director was Brzhechka Vladimir Fomichev. By the time he was 32 years old. In 1916 he finished the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Kharkov University, and in 1917, teaching mathematics in secondary schools of Kharkiv. Since the autumn of 1920, he worked at the preparatory courses at the Kharkov Institute of Technology, and from March 1921 teaches at the HTI.

Vladimir Fomichev headed the department of mathematics until his death (7 March 1954), first in the HTI, since 1930 – in Mechanical Engineering and in combination in the Electrotechnical Institute and from January 1950 (after the merger) in the HPI them. IN AND. Lenin. Brzhechka VF I devoted much time to teaching work with young teachers of the department. About 15 years he was a Research Fellow, Department of Mathematical Analysis of the Institute of Mathematics at Kharkov State University. Brzhechka VF He has written more than 30 scientific papers devoted to the study of approximate methods of mathematical analysis, orthogonal polynomials, Extreme properties of polynomials.

Since 1954, for 10 years the head of the Department of Higher Mathematics KPI was Kim Yong Wang Insugovich (b. 1911), Dr. Sci. Sciences, Professor. Since 1963, Kim Yong Wang Insugovich – corresponding member of the Kazakh Academy of Sciences. The range of his scientific interests – the equations of mathematical physics. Since 1964, the department was headed Melent’ev Boris (b. 1918), PhD. Sci. Sciences, Associate Professor.

Kim Yong Wang

Melent’ev BV

Manuylova AM

And in 1971 head of the department of higher mathematics became Manuylova Alice M., PhD. Sci. Sciences, Associate Professor. Manuylova AM (., Born in 1927) worked in the HPI 47 years, while in the position of head of the department – 18 years. Alice M. – a graduate of the State Pedagogical University (Moscow), completed post-graduate studies there and in 1954 she defended her thesis. While the theme of her research was limited to the equations of mathematical physics. However, since the beginning of the 70s she began to seriously pursue the development of methods of applied statistics, in particular, medical cybernetics. She has written two books and over 70 scientific articles. Manuylova AM He was the leader of a number of contractual and state budgetary issues; in this work we have been involved many members of the department. It was especially effective collaboration with the Institute of General and Emergency Surgery, as well as the Ukrainian Institute of Clinical and Experimental Neurology and Psychiatry. In 80-ies Ties Department of the Institute of heavy machinery (Miskolc, Hungary). In 1984-1988 gg. in Kharkiv House of Scientists she led Republican Seminar “The use of computers in medicine.” In Manuilova AM were graduate students, most of them successfully defended. Among the practical results of its research work should include the creation of an automated information system (AIS) “Acute abdomen”, the last test and recommended for the introduction of the Military Medical Academy (Leningrad) in a number of clinics in Russia and Ukraine, as well as AIS ‘Depression “whose goal was recognition of manic-depressive psychosis and chronic stress conditions.

Since July 1987 head of the department becomes Yuri Gevorgian L. (b. In 1945), PhD. Sci. Sciences, Professor. Yuri L. in 1968 graduated from KSU them. Gorky, Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty. In the same year Gevorgyan YL – Assistant of the Department of Mathematics KPI them. IN AND. Lenin. In 1975 he defended his thesis, and in 1979 he was awarded the academic title of associate professor, and in 2005 – the academic rank of professor of higher mathematics.

Field of research – functional analysis, geometry of Banach spaces. For many years, actively conducts research on mathematical modeling of physical processes using the equations of mathematical physics. Responsible performer in many economic contracts topics in the department, including the theme “Research of thermal deformation in high-power steam turbine units” (central boiler and turbine Institute, St. Petersburg), “Investigation of the propagation of electromagnetic waves through the heterogeneous body” (Kharkov Institute of Transportation Engineers, Mr. . Kharkov), and others. If any of those conditions were obtained using mathematical models that take into account the incorrectness of the problem and methods of solution of Fredholm integral equations of the 1st order based on a study of regularization methods for AN Tikhonov.

Active organizational and methodical work of prof. Gevorgyan YL contributed to the defense of dissertations by employees of the department. doctorates Olshansky VP Over the past 20 years, Batygin JV, Pirotti EL, AL Grigoryev, VM Oleksenko PhD thesis defended Polyanskaya TS, NA Chikin, Spivak AV, Balaka ME, Cheremskaya NV, Marchenko TN, YV Pershin, Potanin TV Kulik SI Duhopelnikov SV, Antonov IV

Gevorgyan YL as the head of the department heads to work on the improvement of the educational process and methodical support to improve the methods of teaching of higher mathematics. He pays great attention to the development of modern educational literature. I prepared and published more than 30 educational works, including 16 textbooks, 11 teaching aids and textbooks 3, with 10 textbooks with the stamp of Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine. Today, it is the basic textbooks, reflecting the current views of pedagogy questions fundamental mathematical training of engineers.

Much attention Gevorgyan YL It devotes the introduction of modern teaching technologies and modern forms of students’ independent work, including with the use of WEB – technologies. Currently, the high school, a new concept of higher education aimed at improving access to quality information at any stage of education. The use of computer technology in the educational process opens up entirely new opportunities for enhanced learning, including students’ independent work. In addition, these systems implement the training at their own pace at a convenient time for the student in accordance with the level of his training. New information technologies significantly change the forms of interaction of students and teachers in the learning process, but it is not intended to destroy the old traditions in education.

Department of conducting Olympiad on higher mathematics for students of 1-2 courses of NTU “KPI” since 2008. Every year, the popularity of the Olympic Games. Already in 2013 it was attended by 112 students of 8 Faculties.

Employees of the department are actively involved in research activities, participate in international scientific conferences, the exchange of experience of research.

The main directions of scientific research staff of the department:

group theory,
measure theory,
decision theory,
automation of management processes,
multi-criteria optimization problem,
fundamental problems of mechanics and hydrodynamics,
mechanics of deformable solid body,
mathematical logic and formal algorithmic languages,
Mathematical models in economics, medicine and ecology,
modeling of technological processes in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, railway and urban transport, and others.
Over the past 30 years the department staff received 24 patents for inventions, 18 acts on the implementation of scientific development.

The highly professional staff of the department a lot of effort and energy gives the improvement of mathematical preparation of students of NTU “KPI”, improve the quality and efficiency of educational process. Every year, teachers of the department teach higher mathematics for more than 2 thousand students. In recent years, the department prepared and published more than 70 methodical developments, more than 30 educational and metodichskih benefits, 10 of them with the stamp of Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine, 5 textbooks and 6 monographs.