The Department of Automatics and Control in Technical Systems (ACTS, also known as Department of Engineering Systems Control and Automation) was founded in 1948. For these more than 70 years the department has graduated more than 3500 specialists, by the forces of it’s scientific-pedagogical collective performed dozens of research and development works of the republican value.
The results and products of the department development activities are still being implemented and functioning at state and commercial industrial manufacturing enterprises of Ukraine and other countries.
The department carries out a complex two-level (bachelor’s and master’s) specialists graduation program in two vocational and educational directions (specialities):

  • Computerized Control Systems and Automation
  • Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Enrolled students depending on chosen speciality receive advanced knowledge in the field of the theory of automatic control of complex optimal, adaptive and self-adjusting systems, systems for collecting, processing and transmitting information, computer diagnostic and data analysis systems, programmable controllers and specialized microprocessors, SCADA systems, as well as – in the field of information theory and coding, cryptography and data protection, methods for the development and operation of information transmission systems by fiber optic, radio, radio relay and cable lines LANs and global computer networks, the basics of routing and administration of telecommunication networks, cloud technologies and remote data processing, features of development and operation of multi-service cellular networks of the 3rd and subsequent generations.
Classes are held in laboratories and computer classes with a large set of modern and unique equipment, students are able to perform research on specialized models and test benches based on modern microcontrollers and programmable logic devices.