Department performs admission of undergraduate students on two specialities:

Studying Automation, Computer-integrated Technologies and Robotics specialty you will be trained in the field of computerized control systems, hardware and software for automatics and automation of technological processes at manufacturing enterprises, in transport and in everyday life. Computer-integrated technologies are used in the design, implementation and maintenance of modern automation and automation.

Studying at Telecommunications and radio engineering specialty you will be trained to design, implement and maintain information transmission systems via fiber-optic, radio-relay and cable communication lines, local and global computer networks, cellular and radio communication systems.

Undergraduate programs last for 4 years divided into 8 semesters. Each program includes general disciplines, which are taught to students of almost all specialities, disciplines of speciality and disciplines of specialization.
Second half of last semester is dedicated to pre-diploma practice and preparing diploma thesis, and ends up with final assessment by presenting results of diploma work to professional assessment commission.

For the last years we have studied students from following countries: Vietnam, China, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Angola.
Despite the unprovoked aggressive military invasion by the Russian Federation into our country, we continue to carry out educational activities remotely. All of our teachers have the ability and rich experience in conducting classes through distance learning tools. Many of our courses are translated into English so you don’t have to learn Ukrainian.