Oleksii Dudnik

Dudnik Oleksii

Candidate of Sciences (Technical) – Ph.D., Associated Professor

Teaches following disciplines:
Theory of automatic control ( Б174-СП10 Б174-СП10-Ск)
Specialized control systems ( Б174-ВП1.08-Ск)
Microcontroller devices in automation ( Мп174-ВП1.02)
Automated design of control systems ( Мп174-ВП1.03)

Educational and methodical activities:
Performs methodical and informational support for distance learning students (extramural). Performs bachelor’s and master’s diploma mentorship.

Areas of scientific interests and research:
Design methods of optimal control systems. Application of neural networks in control systems.

Scientific metrics:
Scholar | Scopus | ORCID

Recent publications:
On the electronic repository of the Library of NTU “KhPI”