Anatolii Hapon

Hapon Anatolii

Candidate of Sciences (Technical) – Ph.D., professor,

Teaches following disciplines:
Analog and digital micro- and nanoelectronics ( Б174-ВП1.05 Б174-ВП1.03-Ск)
Circuit engineering of telecommunication devices ( Б172-СП11)
Computing equipment and microprocessors ( Б172-СП09)
Probability theory and mathematical statistics ( Б172-ВВП26)

Educational and methodical activities:
Takes an active part in high education guidance work: organizes cooperation with technical schools and colleges, general educational institutions (secondary schools) to provide exhaustive insight about our specialty to final year pupils. Performs bachelor’s and master’s diploma mentorship.

Areas of scientific interests and research:
Electronic components of control and automation systems. Research and modeling of controlled thermal processes. Power supply management and energy saving.

Scientific metrics:
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Recent publications:
On the electronic repository of the Library of NTU “KhPI”