Requirements to writing articles
“Integrated Technologies and Energy Conservation”

The quarterly scientific and practical journal
The editorial board accepts articles dealing with the following scientific directions for the publication:
– power engineering and energy conservation; energy technology of power-consuming branches of industry; alternative sources of energy; resource conservation; energy and environment;
– heat utilizing installation; modeling of the processes of industrial equipment, processes and machines of different fields of industry (chemical, food, medical equipment and etc.);
– computer application in technological processes; automated systems of the control and the processing of the information;
– heat and mass exchanging processes and equipment of special machines, heat processes and cryogenic medical equipment;
– power industry; equipment of electric power units and power transmission;
– Economic aspects of power engineering and industrial ecology, commercial engineering, reengineering and technological management, as well as other marginal fields applied to different branches of knowledge.

Materials for the publication in each subsequent issue are taken until the 20 th of the last month of the previous quarter. Manuscripts are not returned to authors.
The Material should be made on IBM-compatible computer and printed in 2 copies. The materials should have a CD-R or CD-RW disk with an article, typed in an editor of MS Word texts for Windows 97, XP, 2000 or 2003 versions.
The Expert conclusion concerning the possibility for the publication of materials in periodic editions and the review of Doctor of Science according to the profile of a given article should be applied.

Requirements to writing an article:

The dimension of the paper is A4 (210×297 mm), the left and the right margins are 25 mm, the upper and the lower ones are 30 mm; the recommended print is Times New Roman Cyr; the dimension of the print is 12; the interline interval is 1.

The order of the material arrangement

– You should print the UDI (Universal Decimal Indicator) of an article directly on top left with CAPITAL LETTERS;
– you should print author surnames and initials in the center, omitting one line;
– you should print the title of the article with CAPITAL LETTERS in the center, omitting one line;
– you should print the basic text formatted according to the page width, omitting one line and beginning with a new paragraph (1,25 cm);
– one should leave the interval in one empty line to the text with an interval 1, before and after formulas and equations;
– Formulas and equations should be aligned to the center;
– Numbers of formulas and equations should be aligned to the right edge;
– The dimension of formula and equation print for the main text is 12 pt.;
– Figures, schemes and graphs should be made in black and white;
– you should have references, listed according to the requirement demands of Ukrainian Standards, omitting one line;
– UDI, authors; a title and an abstract should be printed in Ukrainian (Russian is for an article in Ukrainian), Russian and English at the end of the article.
All scientific publications of the periodic issue are examined by the independent outside review.
Articles, formed not according to the rules, the editorial board will not be examined.
The subscription for the journal is available in the post offices of Ukraine.
The subscription index 22786.

The example of registration article.doc (1,33 mb)

The editorial board

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NTU”KhPI”, the editorial board of
the journal “Integrated Technologies and Energy Conservation”,
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