EP Schedule Changed and EP Resumed from March 28

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Due to the insidious unprovoked military aggression by the Russian Federation and the need to temporarily suspend the educational process, the schedule of educational process for the second semester was adjusted (Administration Order No “112 ОД” of March 25, 2022).

Please read the changes. In particular, the entire period of suspension was counted as a vacation, but the duration of the semester was reduced. 4th year students, please note: the duration of the prediploma internship is significantly reduced, you do not have much time to complete the thesis! (The form of attestation in general is now in question: the option of a general attestation exam is being considered).

According to the Order, the educational process will be resumed from March 28 in remote asynchronous mode (not according to the offline schedule). During the current week, the method of conducting classes and establishing operational communication between students and teachers will be determined (the use of the Telegram messenger has been determined in advance).

Adjusted schedule of EP for 2022


Download Adjusted schedule of EP for 2021-2022