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Faculty of International Education НТУ "ХПИ"

Faculty of social and economic Sciences - Faculty of International Education НТУ "ХПИ"

About the Department


Department of Social and Economic Sciences of International Education Faculty was established in 2003 to teach social, economic and humanitarian disciplines (more than 20 subjects) to international students of elementary level of preparation and also to those first-year and second-year students studying in Bachelor’s program.

There are one professor, two associate professors and two senior lectors to teach Russian as a foreign language, Culturology, History of Ukraine, legal sciences, Philosophy and social sciences, Biology, Technology Systems, Economics, Political Economics, Health and Life Safety. In addition, graduate associates in Economics and Linguistics are also working at the department.


All lectures, practical trainings and laboratory classes are conducted in accordance with the curriculum, which is constantly reviewed and modified, as well as the academic plans and the working programs of International Education Faculty of NTU “KhPI”

All the subjects taught at the Department supplied with the textbooks and training aids some of which were approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Furthermore, electronic versions of the courses, modular assignments and tests are available at the website of the Department. The specialists of the Department of Social and Economic Sciences advise students working on course papers, abstracts and calculation assignments. For the most relevant topics of interest, training stands are created. Our textbooks and training aids enjoy a good reputation in many countries in Europe and Asia, as well as in the USA.

One of the Department’s thematic priorities today is the development of pedagogical background for distance education for international students learning humanitarian and natural sciences”.

The Department continuously holds methodological seminars. The instructors hold and attend public classes. On a regular basis, the teachers of the department continue their education at Kharkiv universities and take part in the scientific conferences, in round tables, and organizing committees.

Since 2003 up to date there have been published 1 monograph, 50 text-books and dictionaries, more than 170 research articles, and also  educational programs for international students approved by Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

At different times, the teachers of the Department took part in educational programs at universities in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Cuba, China, Afghanistan and Austria.

Experienced teachers (associate professor G. A. Mogucheva, associate professor L. I. Shasha and senior lector V. I. Neboga) helped to build the Department of Social and Economic Sciences, but are no longer with the International Education Faculty.