dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Academician V.L. Rvachev,



The 5th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “NONLINEAR DYNAMICS -2016” took place at the NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY “KHARKOV POLYTECHNICAL INSTITUTE” (Kharkov, Ukraine) on September, 27-30, 2016. The conference was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of outstanding Ukrainian scientist, Academician V.L. Rvachev. More than 140 scientists from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, UK, Ukraine and USA participated at the conference. The Actual Conference Program can be found here.

         The conference demonstrated the great interest of scientists and engineers from different countries in studying nonlinear dynamics phenomena, and international cooperation in this field. The overall scientific level of conference was very high.

The conference program included 19 presentations at General Session, including 6 Key lectures by Professors G.Rega, Yu.Kivshar, M.Amabili, J.Balthazar, L.Manevitch, A.Vakakis, 24 sectional presentations at 5 Sections, 12 posters, 7 presentations at the Mini-Symposium “The R-functions theory, its development and recent applications”, 11 promote presentations. It is important to note that 10 presentations, including 5 Key lectures, took place in the form of WEB-presentations. They were presented by scientists from Australia, Europe, South and North America.

The Conference presentations were devoted to theoretical investigations, engineering applications, computer simulation of vibration phenomena in nonlinear systems and experimental studies. The main subjects of the presentations were the new analytical and numerical methods in nonlinear dynamics, analysis of resonances and bifurcations; transient and localization; complex behaviour of nonlinear oscillators and chains; experiments; numerous applications of the nonlinear dynamics of structures, beams, plates, panels, shells, in particular, sandwich and composite structures; nonlinear dynamics of plates and shells with complex shape; nonlinear dynamics of rotor systems and other engineering applications; nonlinear oscillations and waves in physical systems; nonlinear effects in dynamics of biological systems et al.

Mini-symposium “The R-functions theory, its development and recent applications” was proposed and organized by Professor L.Kurpa. The main idea of this mini-symposium The main goal of this Mini-Symposium is focused on the discussion of application features of R-functions theory, first developed by Academician V.L.Rvachev, to nonlinear dynamics problems of plates and shells. Creation of new trends and design tools within R-functions theory, as well as usage of R-functions, together with effective means of approximation (splines, wavelets, Up-functions, etc.) to solve boundary value problems for the objects of complex geometric shape. Scientists from Russia, UK, Ukraine and USA presented 20 papers on topics of the mini-symposium.

The conference confirmed the importance of international cooperation by research teams involving scientists and engineers from different countries. It brought together specialists in theoretical mechanics, applied mathematics, physics, mechanical and electrical engineering.

A book of the conference Proceedings has been published and distributed to the participants. It includes 6 Key Lectures, 26 papers on the NONLINEAR DYNAMICS OF DISCRETE SYSTEMS, 26 papers on NONLINEAR DYNAMICS OF DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS and 20 papers on R-FUNCTIONS.

The conference proceedings are available in open access as separate PDF files via the following link:  http://nd.khpi.edu.ua/NDKhPI2016/schedConf/presentations


Participants of the conference

V. Adlutskii (Dniepr, Ukraine)

L.D. Akulenko (Moscow, Russia)

H. Altenbach (Halle, Germany).

M. Amabili (Montreal, Canada)

Yu.M. Andreev (Kharkov, Ukraine)

I. Andrianov (Aachen, Germany)

R. Antoshchenkov (Kharkov, Ukraine)

J. Awrejcewicz (Lodz, Poland)

V. Bashtovoi (Kharkov, Ukraine)

J. M. Balthazar (São José dos Campos, Brasil)

I. Baranov (Kharkov, Ukraine)

M. Barbieri (Modena, Italy)

V. Bazhenov (Kyiv, Ukraine)

V. Belan (Kharkov, Ukraine)

M. Bischoff (Stuttgart, Germany)

V. Chaban (Dniepr, Ukraine)

G.M. Chechin (Rostov on Don, Russia)

Yu. Chernyakov (Dniepr, Ukraine)

D.V. Churikov (Moscow, Russia)

A. Bhaskar (Southampton, UK)

D.V. Breslavsky (Kharkov, Ukraine).

I.D. Breslavsky (Kharkov, Ukraine).

Yu. Fatieieva (Zaporizhzhye, Ukraine)

G. Gaidulis (Vilnius, Letuva)

O. Ganilova (Sheffield, UK)

F. Georgiades (Lincoln, UK)

O.V. Gendelman, (Haifa, Israel)

S. Glazunov (Kyiv, Ukraine)

S. Glebov (Ufa, Russia)

V. Gnitko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

N. Goloskubova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Т. Goriachko (L’viv, Ukraine)

J.S. Gosliga (Sheffield, UK)

A.V. Grabovskiy (Kharkov, Ukraine)

A.Ya. Grigorenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)

V.Z. Gristchak (Zaporizhzhye, Ukraine).

O. Grytsai (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine)

V. Grytsay (Kyiv, Ukraine)

V. Gromov (Dniepr, Ukraine)

D. Grzelczyk (Lodz, Poland)

V.I. Gulyayev (Kiev, Ukraine)

K.R. (Stevanović) Hedrih (Belgrad, Serbia)

R. Kaidalov (Kharkov, Ukraine)

K. Kalnins (Riga, Latvia)

A. Karpik (Kharkov, Ukraine)

A. Kazachkov (Kharkov, Ukraine)

N. Kizilova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Yu.S. Kivshar (Kanberra, Australia)

V.M. Kolodyazhny (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Ya.Yu. Konovalov (Moscow, Russia)

V. Korennoy (Dniepr, Ukraine)

Yu. Kostenko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

I. Kovacic (Novi Sad, Serbia)

A.S. Kovalev (Kharkov, Ukraine)

T. A. Kozachenko (Odessa, Ukraine)

O. Kravchenko (Moscow, Russia)

V.F. Kravchenko (Moscow, Russia)

P.V. Krot (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine).

L. Kruszka (Warsaw, Poland)

R. Kushnir (L’viv, Ukraine)

V.V. Kulyabko (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)

L.V. Kurpa (Kharkov, Ukraine)

R. Labibov (Dniepr, Ukraine)

O.O. Larin (Kharkov, Ukraine)

D.V. Lavinsky (Kharkov, Ukraine).

M. Legrand (Montreal, Canada)

D.D. Leshchenko (Odessa, Ukraine)

O. Lesyk (L’viv, Ukraine)

A.B. Linnik (Kharkov, Ukraine).

O. Yu. Lisina (Kharkov, Ukraine)

O.O. Lytvyn (Kharkov, Ukraine)

O.M. Lytvyn (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Yu. Litvinova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

K. Lyubitska (Kharkov, Ukraine)

V.A. Lykah (Kharkov, Ukraine)

A. Makarov (Dniepr, Ukraine)

K. Maksymenko-Sheiko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

A.I. Manevich (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)

L.I. Manevitch (Moscow, Russia)

M.V. Marchuk (L’viv, Ukraine).

G. Martynenko (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

O. Mazur (Kharkov, Ukraine)

V. Mietielov (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Yu.V. Mikhlin (Kharkov, Ukraine)

K. Minakova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

J. Mizerski (Warsaw, Poland)

I. Moiseyenko (Donetsk, Ukraine)

I.O. Morachkovska (Kharkov, Ukraine)

O.K. Morachkovski (Kharkov, Ukraine)

K. Naumenko (Magdeburg, Germany)

I. Naumov (Kharkov, Ukraine).

N.I. Obodan (Dniepr, Ukraine)

V. Olevskyi (Dniepr, Ukraine)

Yu. Olevska (Dniepr, Ukraine)

A.A. Osetrov (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

N. Ovcharova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

O. Ozolins (Riga, Latvia)

V. Pakosh (L’viv, Ukraine)

S.A. Pankratiev (Kyiv, Ukraine)

S. Pashchenko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

F. Pellicano (Modena, Italy).

N.V. Perepelkin (Kharkov, Ukraine)

A. Peretyatko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Iu. Petrova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

K.Yu. Plaksiy (Kharkov, Ukraine)

O. Pogorelova (Kyiv, Ukraine)

T. Postnikova (Kyiv, Ukraine)

V.I. Pustovoit (Moscow, Russia)

Z. Rakaric (Novi Sad, Serbia)

R. Rand (Ithaca, USA)

G. Rega (Roma, Italy)

Yu. Romashov (Kharkov, Ukraine).

D.S. Ryabov (Rostov on Don, Russia)

E. Saetta (Roma, Italy)

S.M. Sah (Stockholm, Sweden)

T. Sapsis (Massachusetts, USA)

T.I. Sheiko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

S.A. Shcherbinin (Rostov on Don, Russia)

T. Shmatko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

A.Yu. Shvets (Kiev, Ukraine)

O. Sidash (Donetsk, Ukraine)

N. Sizova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

S. Sklepus (Kharkov, Ukraine)

E. Skukis (Riga, Latvia)

V. Smirnov (Moscow, Russia)

H. Solovyova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

V. Storozhev (Donetsk, Ukraine)

E. Strelnikova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

M. Strozzi (Ferrara, Italy)

I. Suvorova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

E.S. Syrkin (Kharkov, Ukraine)

O. Tatarinova (Kharkov, Ukraine)

G.N. Timchenko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

O. Tkachenko (Kharkov, Ukraine)

V.T kachenko (Kharkov, Ukraine).

A.Tkachuk (Stutgart, Germany).

M.M.Tkachuk (Kharkov, Ukraine).

M.A.Tkachuk (Kharkov, Ukraine).

I. Tsukanov

R. Uvarov (Kharkov, Ukraine)

A. Vakakis (Urbana, USA)

A. Valeev (Ufa, Russia)

O. Vashchilina (Kyiv, Ukraine)

O. Vodka (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Yu. Vorobiev (Kharkov, Ukraine)

S.N. Yaremchenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)

D. Yaroshenko (Dniepr, Ukraine)

A. Zippo (Modena, Italy)

Y.S. Zinkevich (Odessa, Ukraine)

A. Zotov (Ufa, Russia).



The Conference Organizers are extremely grateful for the financial support intended for a Conference by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as Prof. Marco Amabili from the University of McGill (Canada).

The Conference Organizers express their sincere gratitude for the full support and assistance in holding the Conference to Rector of NTU “KPI”, Prof. Evgen I.Sokol, Vice-Rectors, Profs. Gennadiy S. Khrypunov and Roman P. Mygushchenko.

We are extremely grateful to our young colleagues: Assoc. Prof. Nikolay V.Perepelkin who prepared the wonderful site of the Conference, and most of its printed materials, including the Conference Proceedings, Assoc. Prof. Andrey A.Osetrov, who made a great contribution to the preparation of materials of the Conference, Assoc. Prof. Alexey A.Vodka, who provided teleconferencing. We are extremely grateful to the staff and PhD students of Department of Applied Mathematics and Dynamics and Strength of Machines for the selfless assistance in organizing and holding the Conference: Assoc. Profs. Tatiana E. Shcherbinina, Galina N. Timchenko, Irina O. Morachkovska, Natalia A.Kirillova, Larisa P.Dzyubak and Anna B. Linnik, Sen. Lects. Elena V. Odintsova and Ekaterina I. Lyubitska, Ingineers Nikolay Y. Chudnovsky, Elena O. Bezdetko and Elena A. Golubnicha, PhD students Yulia A. Petrova and Kseniya E. Potopalsky.

The Conference Organizers are extremely grateful for the assistance to the Chief of the Accounting Dept. Svetlana V. Solodovnikova and accountant Ludmila N. Jumaeva, Chief of the Dept. of Sci. and Tech. Information Leonid P. Tizhnenko, Chief of the Purchase Dept. Vladimir I. Ivaschenko. We are grateful for the assistance to the Chief of the Centre of New Information Technologies Viktor P. Shchetinin and the Centre employee Stanislav V. Smishliyayev. Also we should note excellent work of the Centre employee Sergei A. Tretyak, who enthusiastically engaged in the preparation and maintenance of the tele-conference. We are grateful for the assistance to Chief of the University Library, which hosted some Sessions of the Conference, Larisa P. Semenenko and collaborators of the library, in particular, Yu.N. Glavcheva and T.L. Paley; to employees of the NTU “KhPI” Café, who provide meals of participants; other people who helped in the Conference organization; all participants and visitors of the Conference.