«The R-FUNCTIONS THEORY, IT’s DEVELOPMENT and RECENT APPLICATIONS» will take place in framework of the conference.

The main goal of this Mini-Symposium is focused on the discussion of recent results obtained for the last years in development and application of the R-functions theory.

The following topics of the Mini-symposium are proposed:

  • Development of new constructive tools of the R-functions theory;
  • Applications of the R-functions theory to the analysis of nonlinear dynamics problems;
  • Application of the R-functions theory and effective approximate tools (splines, wavelets, Up-functions et al.) to the analysis of boundary-value problems within complex form regions.



Prof. Grigorenko A. Ya.
(Kiev, Ukraine)
Prof. Litvin O.M.
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Acad., Prof. Grigorenko Ya. M.
(Kiev, Ukraine)
Acad., Prof. Matsevity Yu.M.
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Kravchenko V.F.
(Moscow, Russia)
Prof. Sheiko T. I.
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Kurpa L.V. co-Chairman
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Prof. Shevchenko A.
(Detroit, USA)
Corr. member of the NASU,
Prof. Kushnir R.M.
(Lviv, Ukraine)
Corr. member of the NASU,
Prof. Stoyan Yu.G. – co-Chairman
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Dr. Tsukanov I.
(Miami, USA)

All colleagues interested in organization of Mini-symposium are welcome to send their propositions to the conference organizers.