About the department

Our Department is the first and unique in Ukraine where complex researches in the sphere of psychology and pedagogical problems of engineering education are conducted. From the moment of foundation of department in February, 2000, creative collective of our scholars conduct interdisciplinary research work, results of which are confirmed by annual successful defenses of degree works.

In 2001 on department the postgraduate study in the specialty 13.00.04 “The theory and a technique of professional education” (pedagogical sciences), and in 2009 – in the specialty 19.00.03 “Labour psychology, engineering psychology” (psychological sciences) was open.

During existence of department 26 degree works were defended: 4 doctoral dissertations (3 on pedagogics and 1 on public administration) and 22 PhD theses, among which:

  • 18 on pedagogics (17 in the specialty 13.00.04 “The theory and technique of professional education” (pedagogical sciences);
  • 1 in the specialty 13.00.07 “Theory and technique of education”;
  • 3 on psychology (1 – in the specialty 19.00.03 “Labour psychology, engineering psychology”; 2 – in the specialty 19.00.07 “Pedagogical and age psychology”;
  • 1 on technical science (specialty 05.17.08 “Processes and equipment of chemical technology”).

Department carries out important researches within granted by government topics. Department established close and fruitful scientific connections with universities of Russia, Romania, Poland, Spain, Georgia. Our department has signed contracts on creative cooperation with Institute of Pedagogical Education and Education for Adults of National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine, Institute of Higher School of National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine, Institute of problems of education of National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine, executive committee of the Kharkov city council and other organizations.


Our department has organized and held more than twenty international scientific conferences, including five Crimean pedagogical readings, with participation of the leading Ukrainian and foreign scientists – representatives of philosophical, pedagogical, psychological, administrative and technical branches of science and education.

Traditionally our department holds annual international scientific and practical conferences – “Ideas of the academician Ivan Zyazyun in works of his pupils and colleagues”, “Psychological and pedagogical aspects of administrative potential of modern youth formation: the theory and practice”, and also sections on the conferences “Spiritual and Moral Bases and Responsibility of the Personality in Destiny of a Human Civilization”, “Ukraine and the world: humanitarian-technical elite and social progress”, “Information technologies: science, engineering, technology, education, health”.



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The faculty of department actively carries out scientific researches by results of which 75 textbooks are prepared and published, among them 3 with a signature stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 16 monographs, 21 tutorials, 58 methodical handbooks, more than 900 scientific articles are published.

Since 2000 NTU “KhPI” issues the quarterly scientific and practical magazine “Theory and Practice of Social Systems Management” which is the professional edition on philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences.

The magazine is registered in the International system of registration of serial (periodic) editions under the standardized ISSN 2078-7782 code.



Besides, on department there is installment collection of scientific works “Problems and Prospects of National Humanitarian and Technical Elite Formation” devoted to theoretic and methodical aspects of problems of new philosophy of professional education, phenomena of elite and leadership, traınıng of leaders-managers, etc.

The periodic collection of scientific articles “Problems and prospects of national humanitarian and technical elite formatıon” under edition of professors L.L. Tovazhnyansky and A. G. Romanovskiy is published.

Educational work of our department is focused on harmonious development of the personality, formation of favorable educational and study climate. The main accent of the concept of educational work of department – cultural and esthetic development of the student’s personality. Within this work students take active part and visit poetic recital evenings. Department has organized games of Сomic Club among student academic groups, students actively participate in university sport events.

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