OKMDepartment of Theoretical Mechanics 

Educational course of Theoretical Mechanics in Kharkiv Technological Institute (former name of National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute”) was read by world-known scientists: academicians Alexandr Lyapunov (from 1887 till 1893) and Vladimir Steklov (from 1887 till 1893). Department of Theoretical Mechanics  was created in 1925 at Kharkov Institute of Technology. The first head of the newly formed department was its founder professor Ivan Babakov, a famous scientist in the field of the oscillation theory. Subsequently professor Victor Groza (from 1962 till 1977) and professor Vladimir Karaban were the heads of the department of theoretical mechanics. Starting from 1995 professor Oleg Morachkovskii is the head of the department.

Main courses for bachelors: Theoretical Mechanics, Technical and Applied Mechanics, Biomechanics.