On the basis of the laboratory of the department of technology of oil, gas and solid fuel processing researches of liquid (oil and oil products), gaseous (gas and gas condensate) and solid fuel (brown, coal, anthracite and products of processing of these substances), and also fuel are carried out. , obtained from alternative sources.

Methods of research of oil and oil products:

Development of technological schemes and modes of oil refining.
Quality control of oil and oil products.
Development of methods for rapid analysis of the quality of oil and petroleum products.
Purification and stabilization of oil and oil products.
Identification of petroleum products.
Substantiation of objective terms of oil change in various units and aggregates.
Development of recipes for the production of lubricating oils and greases
Regeneration of oils and fats.
Development of technologies for obtaining fuels and lubricants from secondary energy resources.
Obtaining building materials and protective compositions from industrial and household waste.