The staff of the department consists of highly qualified specialists who are constantly improving their professional level. Training of engineering personnel is carried out in accordance with the 4th level of accreditation. The educational process is carried out on the basis of credit-module system of preparation of bachelors (1-4 courses; 8 semesters) and masters (5-6 courses; 4 semesters).

Starting from the 2nd year, students study disciplines of the specialty. Students of all courses take an active part in scientific work, scientific conferences and national level competitions. Along with successful study, students are actively involved in sports and participate in other activities.

Not only students from Ukraine study at the department, but also students from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Congo, Egypt, Angola, Syria, Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Tanzania, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Sudan and others. Courses are taught in Ukrainian and English.

Main disciplines:

For bachelors –

● Introduction to the specialty

● Physics and chemistry of combustible minerals

● Fundamentals of oil and gas refining technology

● Fundamentals of solid combustible minerals processing technology

● Fundamentals of design of combustible minerals processing plants

● Solid combustible mineral processing equipment

● Oil and gas refining equipment

● Alternative fuels

● Physics and chemistry of fuels, oils, lubricants

● Automatic design systems

● Fundamentals of scientific research

● Carbon technology

For masters:

● Design of combustible minerals processing plants

● Modern technologies for processing combustible minerals

● Materials science and corrosion protection of production equipment

● Collection and preparation of oil and gas raw materials

● Quality of raw materials and products

● Environmental systems in the industry

● Classification of combustible minerals

● Synthesis based on combustible minerals

● Recycling and resource conservation in the industry

The department has a strong material base – 2 well-equipped educational and research laboratories. Also, laboratory work on the course “Fundamentals of technology of processing of solid combustible minerals” is carried out at the “Ukrainian State Research Coal Chemical Institute” (UHIN). Graduates of the department are fully prepared to work at coke and oil refineries, electrode production, research and design organizations of relevant ministries and departments. Many of the graduates of the department have become outstanding practitioners – heads of enterprises, doctors of sciences, employees of line ministries.

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