Defense of postgraduate students from China in specialty 073 “Management” 

The KhPI scientific school is working! On February 16, 2024, the defense of qualifying works for the title of Doctor of Philosophy of two postgraduate students, citizens of the People’s Republic of China, in specialty 073 “Management” took place. The defense took place  in a mixed format on English – council members were present at NTU “KhPI”, and opponents and postgraduate students joined thanks to the Internet technologies of our university.

Postgraduate student Zhang Min (supervisor – Professor Dmytro Gorovyi) presented the work “Logistics management of the development of integrated supply chains”, and postgraduate student Deng Qiwen (supervisor – Professor Alexander Manoilenko) presented the work “Organizational and economic support for corporate”. Both research topics in the modern globalized world are in demand and for both Ukraine and China are extremely relevant.
We are grateful to the Rector of NTU “KhPI” Yevgen Sokol, Vice-Rector Gennadiy Khrypunov and the entire team of NTU “KhPI” for defense organizing during this difficult time!

Defense of postgraduate student Shekhna Khaleda (Syria) in the direction of “Information Technology” in specialty 123 “Computer Engineering”

 ✌️On February 14, 2024, a defense was held by a graduate student of the Computer Engineering and Programming Department, Shekhna Khaleda (Syria), who received the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the field of “Information Technologies” in specialty 123 “Computer Engineering”. Scientific supervisor – Doctor in Technical Sciences, prof. Anatoly Povoroznyuk.
Dissertation topic: “System for supporting diagnostic decision-making in the analysis of digital medical images.”
The research carried out is focused on developing a system that helps medical professionals make diagnostic decisions based on digital image analysis. By combining computer science and medical diagnostics, Shekhna Khaleda’s work has a significant impact on modern medical practice. The use of its diagnostic decision support system can improve the accuracy and speed of diagnosis, which in turn will improve the quality of medical care and save lives.
Congratulations to Shekhna Khaleda and wish him continued success!🎉

Online Graduation Ceremony for Bachelors and Masters

It has already has become a good tradition for the new team of the Educational and Research Institute of International Education under the leadership of Vice-Rector Gennadiy Khrypunov to hold online graduations for foreigners – bachelors and masters of NTU “KPI”, who graduate from our university. Wwhen we cannot can communicate to our students alive, online events have already become the norm of our life.

28.12.2023 the next such solemn event was held on the Microsoft Teams platform.  The Vice-Rector of the university, Gennadiy Khripunov, Director of the Educational and Research Institute of International Education Dmytro Gorovyi, and Deputy Director of the Institute of International Education Hanna Drozdova delivered congratulatory speeches to the graduates in English.

Today’s ceremony, organised by Olena Chernykh, Deputy Head of the Admissions Committee of the Institute of International Education, was a real benefit for the first class of masters from China, who were not afraid to enrol in the stormy year of 2022 and successfully graduate from our university this year. In total, about 100 foreigners from China, Turkmenistan, Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Germany, and other countries received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from NTU “KhPI” this year.

In the next 2024, we are expecting 2 large graduations of foreigners – in the summer about 200 people and in December about 600 people.

We hope that you will also like the plans and implementation of the new online events of the Directorate of the Educational and Research Institute of International Education!

Today we say to our graduates: “Thank you for being with us! We are waiting for you at the next levels of education! We wish you new achievements!!!  🎉✌️ “

Educational and Scientific Institute of Social and Humanitarian Technologies

December 6, 2023 at the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Management of Social Systems named after. acad. I.A. Zyazyun, the first graduation of applicants of the 2nd master’s level of education from China and Turkey, who studied in the educational program “Higher School Pedagogy,” took place.

Master’s students presented papers on topics that are relevant to today: developing the leadership qualities of students through online training, developing the environmental competence of future Chinese engineers, developing the leadership potential of bachelor’s psychologists.

The students presented the results of their own theoretical and practical research in the field of higher education pedagogy and confirmed their Master’s degree in educational and pedagogical sciences.

We congratulate our foreign applicants and wish them professional and personal success!

Educational and Scientific Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies

121 and 122 specialties

The defenses of the works of graduates of the educational and professional master’s program 121 “Software engineering” and the bachelor’s program 122 “Computer science and intelligent systems” were held at the PIITU department. Foreign students paid attention to topical topics related to intelligent chatbots, image classification, analysis of the semantic core of digital content.

We are proud that foreign students have demonstrated good results. In their works, they highlighted promising and interesting topics:
– “Research and development of a method for solving the problem of presenting the semantic core of digital content using a semantic network”, master’s degree ZHANBOLAT VURAL ZHAN, educational program 121 “Software engineering”, group KH-M222ia.e;
– “Development and research of software components of natural language processing for building an intelligent chat-bot”, master’s degree, MKHARESH AYUB, educational program 121 “Software engineering”, group KN-H222ia.e;
– “Development of models and software components for the problem of image classification”, bachelor’s degree ODUNTAN TOLUWANI OLUWATOBI, educational program 122 “Computer science and intelligent systems”, group KH-419di.e.

Congratulations on the successful defense of foreign students!

123 specialty

On December 15, 2023, at the “Computer Engineering and Programming” department, the defense of master’s and bachelor’s theses was held, who studied in English and Ukrainian in the specialty 123 “Computer Engineering” under the educational program “Modern Programming, Mobile Devices and Computer games”.

During the period of study, students from China, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey received professional knowledge and skills in the field of information technologies, which they will apply in their life and work.

Very interesting and diverse diploma theses using modern technologies and programming languages were presented for defense.
All masters defended themselves perfectly

Educational and Scientific Institute of Chemical Technologies and Engineering

On December 12, at the Department of Oil, Gas and Solid Fuel Processing, the defense of the master’s thesis project of Song Lang, a foreign student from China, took place.
Song Lang investigated the theoretical and applied aspects of crude oil processing.
During the entire period of study, Song Lang demonstrated punctuality, responsibility and conscientiousness, so the diploma work was completed at a high level.

In the Educational and Scientific Institute of Energy, Electronics and Electromechanics, the defense of diploma projects and master’s theses by foreign students took place

Within the framework of the specialty 141 Electric power, electrical engineering and electromechanics, students covered a wide range of topical issues. The selected research areas from “Solar Photovoltaic System for a Rural Microgrid in Lebanon” and “Hybrid Power Plant to Meet the Needs of a Private House with a Capacity of 10 kW” to “Design of a 48 kW DC Motor for a Paper Machine Drive” are of great practical importance. Congratulations to the students from Morocco, China, Lebanon and Azerbaijan on successfully completing their studies and receiving their master’s degree.

In the Educational and Scientific Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, the entire MIT-222ik.e group received diplomas with honors.


In the educational and scientific institute of mechanical engineering and transport, the period of defense of qualification papers of the first (bachelor) and second (master) level of higher education has ended.
Among the students from China, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, who chose NTU “KhPI” and steadily went through a difficult and intense path to their goal, there are a significant number of excellent students.
The students presented works on applied mechanics (specialty 131 Applied mechanics) and automobile industry (specialty 274 Automotive transport). Newly graduated engineers worked diligently on the topics of their research in the field of studying the features of high-speed processing, analyzing prospects and developing recommendations for the development of complex maintenance stations in Lebanon, improving the energy characteristics of the vortex chamber compressor
when performing responsible industrial operations, etc.
The examination commissions were presented with interesting solutions that can and should be implemented in real production conditions.
We are proud of our graduates! We wish them creative inspiration and sustainable personal development.

💸🌟🦄The Spark startup center united the departments of accounting and finance and the departments of management in the innovative project “Fintech Laboratory”.

🧑‍💻🧑‍🎓 Chinese masters from both departments presented 11 startups interacting with the areas of energy-saving technologies, tourism, advertising, sports, education, and insurance.

🧑‍💻🧑‍🎓 The successful launch of the FinTech Lab is marked by tremendous progress and the collective efforts of the student community. The united departments and students took an innovative step by presenting promising startups in various fields.

The feedback the mentors received was recognition not only of the value of the ideas presented, but also of the organizational potential of the team. Students skillfully distributed responsibilities in groups, discovering their strengths and collaborating to achieve common goals.

🌟💡This success defines a new stage in the development of fintech initiatives at our university, and also emphasizes the importance of a collective approach and interaction between different areas of study.

We look forward to further achievements and innovations on this exciting development path.

17 November, International Students Day 2023 – Day of International Student Solidarity

We wish you to study well, receive new knowledge, develop, and find your “I”!

✌️NTU KhPI – at the 50th parallel of northern latitude

Experts from the scientific center of the State Enterprise “Kharkovstandartmetrology” determined the exact place where the 50th parallel of northern latitude passes. This is a site near the Electrical Engineering Building and the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education of NTU “KhPI”.

👍 The Department of Computer Engineering and Programming (CEP) made the corresponding changes to the developed electronic map of the KhPI campus:

👉More details on the NTU KhPI website:

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the incredible 3D tour of the student campus of NTU KhPI

The first defense of Ph.D. degrees among foreign students who studied in English took place at NTU “KhPI”.


Solemn Online Graduation Ceremony for Bachelors and Masters of 2022/2023 Academic Year: