Admission 2024 baccalaureate

Training period – 3 years 10 months


Competitive offer (educational program):





Terms of the admission campaign to NTU “KhPI” in 2023


Main session of NMT – from June 05 to June 23,

additional session of NMT – from 11 to 24 July.

Registration of electronic cabinets – from July 1.

Applying for an interview and creative competition:

  • from July 3 to 18.00, July 10 (budget + contract),


  • from July 3 to 18.00, July 25 (contract only).


(participation in interviews and creative competitions requires prior registration in the HEI)

Applications for admission – from July 19 to:

  • until July 31 – for persons entering on the basis of NMT, interviews and creative competitions, which will consist of 7 to 18 July (budget);
  • until July 31 – for persons entering according to the results of NMT, as well as creative competitions, which were drawn up from July 7 to July 31 (contract).


Publication of rating lists for the budget – no later than August 05.

Confirmation of the desire to study on a budget -by 18:00, August 8.


  • Budget – August 9.
  • contract – determined by the rules of admission of the institution, but not later than

August 30 (first wave).

Transfer to vacant places – until August 18.

The stages of the admission campaign for the bachelor are indicated in Appendix 6 of the Rules for admission to NTU “KhPI.”


List of competitive subjects and EIT coefficients

Admission Rules 2023


List of competitive subjects in the certificate of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment

(entrance exams, creative competitions).