Секретарь приемной комиссии кафедры Органического синтеза и нанотехнологий НТУ "ХПИ"VALERIIA ANANIEVA – Head of Department, Assistant professor, Ph.D.

I greet you on behalf of the Department of organic synthesis and nanotechnology NTU “KPI”. Our department has long-term experience (more than 135 years) in training of engineers, chemists and technologists. And since 1885, i.e., since it was founded, we steadily follow the principles of qualitative training of students for topical and perspective specializations.

Department, as well as University, was founded in 1885 year. More than 2200 graduates received their degrees. Among them there are  engineers, technologists, chemists, researchers and design engineers. Department of organic synthesis and nanotechnology offer university department for full-time students and tuition by correspondence; secondary higher education in  Ukraine and also distance education.

Learn about who we are and what we do. Good luck in training. See you again (soon)!


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Specialization: Chemical technology of organic substances

Speciality is fundamental for organic and petrochemical synthesis industries – basis for production activity of Ukrainian chemical industry. Organic chemistry, technology of organic substances, organic synthesis and catalysis are in mainstream.

Students in the range of this speciality have special training in such fields of knowledge as:

  1. technology of alcoholic production;
  2. technology of organic dyes and luminophors and their application;
  3. technology ofpharmaceutical production;
  4. technology of organic substances;
  5. methods of organic substances analysis;
  6. projection of chemical plants.

There are many prospective directions of our department’s scientific research:

  • nanotechnologies in organic chemistry, biology and bioengineering;
  • chemistry dyes and luminophors;
  • chemistry and technology of aromatic and heterocyclic compounds;
  • Chemistry of pharmaceutical substances and technology of pharmaceutical preparations;
  • phase-transfer catalysts and their application.

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Specialization: Chemical technology of food additives and cosmetics

Students in the range of this speciality have special training in such fields of knowledge as:

  1. technology of food additives and their application;
  2. technologies of makeup preparations;
  3. cosmetic ingredients: classification and application;
  4. methods of makeup preparations and food additives constituents analysis;
  5. projection and organization of production.

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Chemical education in Kharkiv. How much time studying at the National Technical University KhPI.

How long is the period of education? And What kind of diploma receive our seniors?

In order to receive higher education diploma, graduating students study over a period of 4 — 6 years. After graduating from university, they obtain bachelor’s and master’s degree of international standard:

  1. bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering (4 year of study)
  2. diploma of engineer chemist – researcher (6 year of study).

Work after finishing education

Work, connected with speciality, and job placement of seniors. Our specialists hold a workplace in different organizations and enterprises. Among them:

  • chemical industry:public corporation «Polymer device», « Plant of chemical agents»;
  • fragrance-cosmetic industry: trading company Procter & Gamble, public corporation «Aroma»;
  • pharmaceutical industry : PC «Health»;
  • food industry : «Vitamax», «Nasha Marka»;
  • sanitary and hygienic control authorities;
  • agency of protection of consumers, product certification and inspection;
  • research organizations: National technical complex « Instituteof Monocrystals», NАS Ukraine;  Governmental scientific center of medicinal agents.

At the present moment our department implement a new area connected with application of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in organic and biochemical synthesis.

Students, who successfully finished their education, are permitted to, (gain an opportunity) entrance topostgraduate course.

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