Company “NESTLE” Kharkiv – production of «Mivina» informs about vacancy in the department of labor and environment protection: Engineer for training.

Main responsibilities:

  • Provides work on the study and consolidation of knowledge, skills trainees, mentors, shop floor workers in production processes, safe methods and working methods at production sites.
  • He acquaints employees with the rules of conduct on the territory of the enterprise, conducts introductory instruction on labor protection.
  •  It monitors the work of mentors and the process of training trainees directly in the workplace.
  •  Organizes, in accordance with the approved program, theoretical training during the internship on labor protection, fire safety and electrical safety in the workplace, sanitary hygiene, working instructions.
  •  Organizes the provision of units with regulatory and legal acts on labor protection, directories, educational materials.
  •  Performs methodical work to verify the knowledge of workers working instructions and labor protection issues.
  •  Takes part in the work of the commission on attestation of knowledge of employees of the enterprise.
  • Participates in the introduction of quality management systems and food safety, international standards, Good Manufacturing Practices at the enterprise.

Primary requirements:
– Knowledge of the specifics of production and process;
– Higher education;
– High level of knowledge of MS Office (Power Point, Word, Excel);
– Communicative and leadership skills, focus on results.



The department concluded agreements on scientific and technical cooperation between NTU “KPI” and leading enterprises of Kharkov.

Providing programs and databases for internship

Base practices Agreement traineeship
ВАТ «Турбоатом», Department of Welding NTU «KhPI» Agreement № 56113 27.01.2014 implementation of research between NTU “KPI” and ВАТ «Турбоатом». Validity – until 30/12/20.
ВАТ «Світло шахтаря» Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between NTU “KPI” and ВАТ «Світло шахтаря» 20.01.2014. Validity – until 30/12/20.
ВАТ – завод «Електроважмаш» Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between NTU “KPI” and ВАТ – завод «Електроважмаш» 22.04.2014. Validity – until 30/12/20.
ВАТ – ЗЕМІ-2 Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between NTU “KPI” and ВАТ – ЗЕМІ-2 27.05.2014. Validity – until 30/12/20.
Laboratory Department of Welding NTU «KhPI» On a regular basis.


The department collaborates with the Center of Career of NTU “KhPI” the main goal of which – to help the students in conscious choice of career and search of job.
On the site http://www.career.kharkov.ua there are vacancies of employers, advices in writing resumes and passing interviews, information about services of Career Center, about presentations of companies-employers etc.