Provision of qualified consultations on the formation of the individual curriculum of the student, its implementation throughout the entire period of study rests with the supervision.

Supervision – is a scientific and pedagogical employee of the department, who provides recommendations to the student on the formation of an individual curriculum and controls its implementation.

Group code Course of study Name of Supervision Plan
MIT-622, 622s
Movmyga Natalia E, associate professor 2022/2023
МІТ-621 2 Bukatenko Natalia A., associate professor 2021/2022
МІТ-620 3 Dreval Alexander N., professor 2021/2022
МІТ-619 4 Yashchenko Larysa, senior teacher 2021/2022
MIT-M622 M1 2022/2023
МІТ-М621 М2 Pancheva Anna M., associate professor 2022/2023

Curator of specialty 263 “Civil Security” – Gorbenko Veronika Vladimirovna – professor of department of Labor&Environment Protection – tel.: 0509977349