Modern scientific and educational activity is not imaginable without the international contacts therefore in recent years the Department pays attention to establishment of communications between scientists of the Department and other universities and scientific institutes. After the termination of postgraduate study and defense of a thesis by the V.B. Uspenskyi graduate student Liu Huei were got into contacts with the Academy of Space science and industry (Beijing, People’s Republic of China) in which he got to work. Since 2007 several times the delegation of scientists of the Academy visited NTU “KhPI”, during visit by scientists of the Department were read series of lectures for them.

The scientific group of professor D.V. Breslavsky established creative connection with scientists of the McGill University (Montreal, Canada), Michigan State University (Urban-Champaign, USA), University of Magdeburg Otto von Guericke (Germany), Polish Institute of Fundamental Research (Warsaw), National Technical University of Greece (Athens) and others. Within scientific cooperation there take place probation of teachers, graduate students and students in world scientific centers. So, for example, students of group I-27 N.V. Shyriaieva and E.A. Kurilov passed probation in universities of USA and Canada, the student of group I-26A A.A. Ionov – at the RWTH University (Aachen, Germany), the student of I-29A S.A. Pashchenko – at the University of Magdeburg (Germany), the student of I-23B group M. Falchenko – at the Krakow University (Poland). The associate professor Yu.N. Korytko in 2012-2015 was on probation in Magdeburg three times. In 2014 during visit of the head of the Department professor D.V. Breslavsky the contract on cooperation in science and education with the Department of Technical Mechanics of the Magdeburg University was signed.

Together with scientists of other departments of Engineering and Physical Faculty, staff and graduate students of the Department Yu.N. Korytko, I.V. Naumov, N.V. Shyriaieva, V.A. Mietielov since 2004 participate in the organization of English-language International conferences on Nonlinear Mechanics (Kharkiv 2004, 2007, 2010, Sevastopol 2013), and professor D.V. Breslavsky directs a mini-symposium “Creep and plasticity at cyclic loading”. In 2013 D.V. Breslavsky took part in the organization and was invited by the chairman of two mini-symposiums passing within the international conference on nonlinear mechanics of a solid deformed body (McGill University, Montreal, Canada).