The basis of scientific work of the Department is the development of methods, algorithms and software for computer modeling of the processes occurring in modern engineering, energy and aerospace structures and systems, in particular navigation and aircraft control systems.

The full range of problems, which arise in each case – from mathematical statements of problems, development of new methods, approaches, development algorithms of the specialized software is considered by specialists of the Department.

Main directions of mathematical and computer modeling:

Deformation and damage processes in structure elements working in the conditions of high temperatures (Dr.Tech.Sc. Breslavsky D.V., Ph.D. Tatarinova O.A., Ph.D. Korytko Yu.N., ass. Mietielov V.A., Ph.D. student Pashchenko S.A.).

Radiation creep and swelling of the nuclear reactors elements (Dr.Tech.Sc. Breslavsky D.V., Ph.D. Korytko Yu.N., Ph.D. student Pashchenko S.A.).

Gas dynamic processes in turbines and turbine plants (Ph.D. Grizun M.N., ass. Karpik A.A.).

Processes of orientation and stabilization of the space aircraft (Dr.Tech.Sc. Uspenskyi V.B., Ph.D. Plaksiy Yu.A.).

Thermomechanical processes aircraft bodies (Dr.Tech.Sc. Breslavsky D.V., Ph.D. Tatarinova O.A., Ph.D. student Pashchenko S.A.).

Kinematics of robots and manipulators (Dr.Tech.Sc. Andrieiev Iu.M.).


Continuous molding (Dr.Tech.Sc. Breslavsky D.V., Ph.D. Tatarinova O.A.).

Production of specialized thin-walled pipes (Dr.Tech.Sc. Breslavsky D.V., ass. Mietielov V.A.).

Distribution of heat in metallurgical furnaces (Dr.Tech.Sc. Breslavsky D.V., Ph.D. student Pashchenko S.A., Ph.D. student Kozluk A.V.).

Movement and dynamics of agricultural machinery (Dr.Tech.Sc. Andrieiev Iu.M.).

Development of CAE/CAD software for computer-aided design of coke batteries (Dr.Tech.Sc. Breslavsky D.V.)


Integrated inertial-satellite navigation systems (Dr.Tech.Sc. Uspenskyi V.B., Ph.D. Bagmut I.A., Ph.D. Khatzko N.E., Nekrasova M.V.).


Space aircraft control with strapdown astroinertial blocks based on fiber-optical gyroscopes (Dr.Tech.Sc. Uspenskyi V.B., Ph.D. Bagmut I.A.).

Dynamic and shock processes and destruction of hard disk drives (Dr.Tech.Sc. Breslavsky D.V., Ph.D. Naumov I.V.).

Distribution of heat in fiber-optical gyroscopes (Dr.Tech.Sc. Breslavsky D.V., Schastlyvets K.Yu., Ph.D. student Pashchenko S.A., Ph.D. student Kozluk A.V.).

Vibration isolation of devices (Dr.Tech.Sc. Andrieiev Iu.M.).