Letkіst rozchinnika vyznachayut for help pipette that without ash paper filter. The ashless filter is installed in a horizontal position: drop a drop of xylene onto the filter with a pipette and turn on the stopwatch. For the help of a second watch, the moment of xylene flashing on the filter is fixed.
Letkіst vznachayut at a temperature of (20±2)°С and moisture content of repeat (65+5)%.
Rinse the pipette and remind the retailer, which will be done. The hour of yoga viparation is assigned the same rank as for xylene.
Letkіst retailer for xylene (L) is assigned to the formula:

L = t1 / t2,

de t1 is the valority of the steaming of the finished retailer, s;
t2 – trivality of xylene evaporation, p.

Video of the determination of the indicator of the lethality of organic growers for xylene