About the Faculty

The main thing


Educational and Scientific Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology from 01.01.2021 united the departments of the Faculty of Computer Science and Software Engineering and the Faculty of Computer Information Technology, which provide training bachelors and masters by specialties:

  • 113 – Applied Mathematics;
  • 121 – Software Engineering;
  • 122 – Computer Science;
  • 123 – Computer Engineering;
  • 124 – System analysis;
  • 125 – Cybersecurity;
  • 126 – Information systems and technologies;
  • 186 – Publishing and Printing,

as well as doctors of philosophy (Ph.D.) in the following specialties:

  • 122 – Computer Science;
  • 123 – Computer Engineering;
  • 125 – Cybersecurity;
  • 151 – Automation and computer-automated technologies.

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Currently, the institute includes ten special departments:

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History of the Institute

There are 2 laureates of the State Prize, 15 doctors of sciences, professors, more than 60 candidates of sciences, associate professors working at the departments of the institute.

Professionalism of the teaching staff, availability of computer classes equipped with modern technology, the opportunity for students to participate in modern IT projects with experts from leading international companies (Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company, Noosphere Ventures, etc.) and well-known companies Kharkiv IT Cluster (Telesens, NIX Solutions, INSART and others) provide a high level of competence of graduates of the institute.

This level allows graduates to achieve outstanding professional achievements and work in international IT companies of the highest level – Google, Facebook, Amazon.

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5th International Congress HORA 2023

Dear Colleagues! We will be happy to welcome scientists at the 5th International Congress on Human-Computer Interaction, Optimization and Robotic Applications which we will organize between June 8-10, 2023 – Istanbul, Turkey. The congress aims to bring scientists, experts, instructors, non-govermental organizations and private sector representatives together to share and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge


International Scientific-Practical Conference MIMCS’2022

We invite You to participate in the 3rd International Scientific-Practical Conference on «MODERN INFORMATION, MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL SYSTEMS: PROBLEMS, APPLICATIONS AND PERSPECTIVES 2022 (MIMCS’2022)” International Scientific-Practical Conference covers wide engineering areas related with technology advances and applications of control systems. Organized by: Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan, Baku Partner institutions: University of Bourgogne


Accreditation of the educational program

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Education” and the provisions on accreditation of educational programs at NTU “KhPI” Cybersecurity Department begins the procedure of accreditation of educational and professional program “Cybersecurity” in specialty 125 – “Cybersecurity” educational level “Bachelor”. The content of the program and the self-assessment statement can be found at the