122 Computer Science

Graduating department

System analysis and information-analytical technologies technologies

Software engineering and intelligent management technologies< /a>

Short description

The purpose of the educational-scientific program is the preparation of doctors of philosophy, which involves the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, abilities, skills and other competencies sufficient for developing new ideas and solving complex scientific problems in the field of computer science. As well as mastering the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activity, conducting one’s own scientific research, the results of which have scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance.

The main competences that will be obtained by the applicants:

Ability to organize and conduct scientific research and carry out innovative developments in the field of computer science and information technology;

The ability to develop mathematical models and algorithms for solving scientific and practical problems of making optimal decisions and designing systems, managing systems, processes and projects, analyzing and processing data, intelligent search and knowledge extraction;

Readiness to develop and implement new information technologies and software for management, design, decision-making, search, analysis and data processing;

Ability to develop, design, and implement measures and means of ensuring cyber security and information protection, environmental protection;

Readiness for teaching activities within the specialty “Computer Science” and related fields.

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