123 Computer engineering

Graduating department

Computer Engineering and Programming

Brief description

The purpose of the educational and scientific program is the preparation PhD doctors in specialty 123 – Сomputer engineering, which provides research of general scientific methods of cognition and research activities, technologies of automated design of software and technical means of computer systems and their components, methods of mathematical and computer modeling, information technologies, technologies of system software development, network, mobile and cloud computing, methods of intelligent processing data. The education is aimed at training highly qualified, globally integrated specialists, who are able to solve complex tasks and problems in research and innovation activities, which require deep knowledge, their rethinking and the creation of new knowledge in computer engineering.

Basic competences to be obtained by the applicants

Ability to perform original research, achieve scientific results that create new knowledge in computer engineering and related interdisciplinary areas and can be published in leading scientific publications in computer engineering and related fields.

Ability to use the methods of fundamental and applied disciplines for processing, analysis and synthesis of research results.

The ability to effectively apply methods of analysis, mathematical modeling, perform natural and mathematical experiments when conducting scientific research.

The ability to integrate knowledge from different disciplines, apply a systematic approach and consider non-technical aspects when solving engineering problems and conducting research.

The ability to argue the choice of a method for solving a scientific problem, critically evaluate the obtained results and defend the decisions made.

Readiness for teaching activities within the specialty “Computer Engineering” and related fields.