186 Publishing and Printing

Освітня програма Інформаційні технології в медіаіндустрії

Publishing and printing is a high-tech computerized field of information.

The result of the work of printing houses, Web-studios and design studios are books, magazines, brochures and booklets, outdoor advertising, websites, electronic publications, convenient calendars and bright packaging. Such products are needed by producers, public figures, the media, government agencies and educational institutions. That is why in the labor market highly qualified specialists in publishing and printing are in high demand.

Educational Program

Information technology in the media industry

Graduating Department

System Analysis and Information-Analytical analytical technologies

Brief description

The educational program is conditioned by the modern direction of development of the publishing and printing industry, which is characterized by the widespread introduction of information technology, increasing the role of digital printing technologies, intensive distribution of electronic media based on Internet technologies. p>

The aim of the training is to train specialists who can provide a full range of prepress pre-printed and electronic publications, packaging, multimedia information products and other types of publishing and printing products, using software and hardware using modern information technologies, create and manage the content of multimedia electronic collections.

Employment opportunities

Selective educational components (Profile blocks). Brief description

1. Information technology in the media industry

A feature of the disciplines of the block “Information Technology in the Media Industry” is their focus on deepening the training of future bachelors in the field of interactive multimedia publications for publication on the Internet or mobile devices, development of modern information systems and web -applications.

2. Electronic printing and Web design technologies

A feature of the disciplines of the block “Technology of electronic printing and Web-design” is their focus on deepening the training of future bachelors in the design of technological processes and ensuring the production of high quality publishing, printing and IT products using appropriate methods and means of control. Attention is paid to training in programming and mathematical statistics. In the senior year, the focus is on the design and development of design and original layouts of printed and electronic publications with the help of computer publishing systems.