Since 2013 students of the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems have taken part and won in All-Ukrainian competition of student works on natural, technical and humanitarian sciences under the direction of scientific advisers (areas: computer science and cybernetics; computer science, computer engineering and automation):

2013 – Svitlana Petrasova (IF-88) awarded the II degree diploma (the scientific adviser – prof. N.F. Khairova);

2014 – Julia Tsybizova (IF-89) awarded the III degree diploma (the scientific adviser – prof. N.V.Sharonova);

2015 – Anne Medveds’ka (IF-80) awarded the II degree diploma (the scientific adviser – ass. prof. O.V.Kanishcheva);

2017 – Olga Sekalo (SHT-32m) awarded the II degree diploma (the scientific adviser – prof. N.V.Sharonova).


In 2014 Alex Musienko, Anne Chalyuk (IF-81) were awarded I and II degree diplomas in the first round of Ukrainian Student Olympiad on “Applied Linguistics”.

In 2014 the 1st year student Margaryta Verkhovets (IF-84b) took the II place in the regional stage of Peter Yatsik XV International competition on the Ukrainian language.

April 7-8, 2015 Ilya Manuilov (IF-84g), Margaryta Verkhovets (IF-84b) took part in the International scientific and theoretical conference of students and postgraduates “Ukraine and the World: Humanitarian and Technical Elite and Social Progress”.


In May 2010 the research paper by student Savostena Anna (IF-87 group) on morphological analysis in modern machine translation systems ranked third at the Regional contest of students’ research papers. The paper was done under the supervision of Assistant Professor Khairova Nina Feliksivna.

In July-August 2010 the students Golopuz Alona (IF-87 group) and Gosteva Yelizaveta (IF-88 group) attended Summer language school founded on the basis of NTU KhPI and Klagenfurt University (Austria).

The students of Intelligence computer systems department are encouraged to participate in various research activities. Since 2008-2012 70 student papers were issued under the guidance of our professors and presented at the following conferences:

1. Third International Conference on Computer Sciences and Information Techologies CSIT’2008 (September 25-27, 2008, Lviv city, Ukraine)
– Bogdan T., Doroshenko A. Formal model of natural language as an essential component of advanced information technologies

– Ilkovska Yu. The role of language strategies in cross-cultural communication

2. All-Ukrainian Students’ and Junior Scientists’Methodological Conference “Applied Linguistics 2009: Problems and Their Resolution” (May 21-22, 2009, Mykolayiv city, Ukraine)

– Chornaya М. Automated word-for-word translation sysem

– Progliada Ya. Difficulties of nationally specific lexicon translation

– Solop A. The development of functions of modern translating electronic dictionaries supporting system

– Savostenia A. System of morphological synthesis of Ukrainian adverb inflexional forms

3. First Intramural Theoretical and Practical Conference “Intelligence Sy­s­tems & Applied Lin­guis­ti­cs” (March 17, 2009, Kharkiv city, Ukraine)

– Bogdan T.Yu., Doroshenko N.Yu. Intel­ligent text processing in machine trans­lation systems

– Ilkovska Yu.Yu. Modern widely used anglicisms in Ukrainian language system

– Savostenia A.S. morphological synthesis of Ukrainian numeral inflexional forms

– Kovalchuk V.P. Problems of linguistic support of artificial intelligence

– Kovaleva A.V. Application of Translation Memory technique in up-to-date machine translation systems

– Golopuz A.V. Application of “teach-yourself” method in artifial intelligence algorithms

– Progliada Ya.V. Evolution of translation practice in Ukraine in the first half of 20th century

– Solop A.A. The development of modern functions of the translating dictionaries supporting system

– Chernaya M.O. Automated word-for-word English-Russian translation system

– Novgorodtsev A.A. Speech-thinking interaction

– Druchinina V.E. On-line translators disadvantages

4. International Scientific and Technical Conference “Intelligent technologies of linguistic analysis” (October 21-22, 2009, Kyiv city, Ukraine)

– Savostenia A.S. Topical problems of morphological synthesis of Urkranian texts

– Kovalchuk V.P. Ways of improving search relevance in scientific library information systems

konf15. Second Theoretical and Practical Workshop at Computer Sciences School of National Uni­versity for Radio electronics “Information Intelligence Systems – 2009” (ІІС’2009) (December 8-9, 2009, Kharkiv city, Ukraine)

– Savostenia A.S. Existing models of morphological synthesis of natural language interface of infor­ma­tion systems

– Solop A.A. Structural features of the modern electronic translated dictionaries

6. Second Intramural Theoretical and Practical Conference “Intelligence Systems & Applied Linguistics” (April 13, 2010, Kharkiv city, Ukraine)

– Nuri L.Zh.F. Information retrieval algorithms in Internet

– Khailo A.N. Application of query key words for retrieving relevant fragments in full-text data bases

– Gosteva Ye.S. To the problem of compiling dic­tio­naries of antonyms in Ukrainian lexicography

– Gladysh K.M. General aspects of machine trans­la­tion application

– Bogdan T.A., Doroshenko A.Yu. Principles of lexical analyzer construction

– Tereshenko V.I. Library processes to be auto­ma­ted by modern library management systems

– Ageyev I.V. Linguistic electronic resources

– Loy A.O. Nowaday linguistic situation in Ukraine

– Koniayeva K.G. Developing macro- and microstructure for Ukrainian dictionary of synonyms

– Petrasova S.V. Application of statistic methods in creating quasiabstracts of Russian texts

– Chernaya M.O. Building of dependency trees for natural language systems

– Vareshniuk I.Ye. Entry development features of English-Russian electronic term dictionary

– Gurt I.V. Grapheme analysis stage of linguistic processor of machine translation