Students’ Life

First-year students’ initiation


Our students in building U-5

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Oral practice of the English language Graduation project defence


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Participation in Intelligent Systems and Applied Linguistics conference


Night of Science


Galkina_Znatoki 12-05-16-34b

Participation in the Intellectual Game “Znatoki” (Experts)


Student_MS 85c
Meeting with Microsoft At the NTU “KhPI” museum


34_35 DSC_3664
English performances Participation in the music festival of students “Polytech Star Planet” (NTU “KhPI”)


ol9 IMG_3192
Olympiad on the German language At the EPAM company


12-05-16 26-05-16-6
The Beauty Contest “Miss SHT 2016” Participation in the German Conference


Happy Halloween 2017