Foreign language entrance exam (for postgraduate students, April 2023)


All specialties

17.04.2023, 11:00

Specialties: 051, 072, 073, 075, 076, 132, 133, 142

18.04.2023, 11:00

Specialties: 101, 131, 141, 144, 161, 185, 255

19.04.2023, 14:00

Foreign language entrance exams for postgraduate studies are held in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. Control task, which contains 80 questions in the form of a lexical-grammatical test. The proposed tasks are built on the principle of multiple choice. You have 60 minutes to complete this task.
  2. Revision reading of the original academic text in order to quickly find the necessary information. The definition of certain special, detailed information is checked with the help of a test task of alternative selection, the evaluation of the provided information takes place according to the criterion true / false / not given.Preparation time is 15 minutes.
  3. Introductory reading without a dictionary of the original text of a generally technical or popular scientific nature (2500 characters). Understanding of the main idea and general provisions of the text is tested using a multiple-choice test. Preparation time is 25 minutes.