Scientific activity


General directions of research work

The main priorities of the department’s work are the research of current trends in teaching foreign languages ​​in higher education.

Scientific topic of the department “Modern social communications” (reapproved on 12/20/2018, protocol No. 6).

The main scientific directions of the department are:

  • teaching foreign languages;
  • distance learning;
  • gender features of business communication;
  • internet communications;
  • media communications;
  • PR communications.

The department aims to provide students with integrated knowledge in the field of foreign languages, intercultural communication, and Internet communication. media communications and PR communications.

The department opened a master’s degree in the specialty 061 “Journalism”, specialization 061-1 “Media Communications” (2015-2021).


Scientific and pedagogical personnel

The department employs 1 doctor of science, 10 candidates of science, including 2 professors and 9 associate professors. The teachers of the department participate in all-Ukrainian and international scientific conferences, and also publish articles and theses in both Ukrainian and international collections.


Scientific cooperation

Within the framework of the media communication program, there was cooperation with Ariel University (Israel), Gelishim University (Istanbul, Turkey).


Research activities

  • Conducting scientific activities :

an annual scientific conference of graduate students, where graduate students test their dissertation research with a speech in a foreign language, which is a preparation for their future speeches at international scientific conferences.

  • Management of scientific activities of students :
  1. Conducting classes in student scientific groups “International Marketing Communication” (in English)”, “International Communication”, “Fundamentals of Scientific and Academic Writing” (in English)”, “Business English” within the framework of the student scientific group “Intercultural Communication” and foreign language in modern business” (on specialties 075 “Marketing”, 073 “Management”, 242 “Tourism”, 292 “International Economic Relations”) in asynchronous mode.
  2. Preparation of reports and theses of students together with teachers of disciplines.
  3. Scientific pre-diploma practice and writing and defense of master’s theses of masters of the department with the specialty “Journalism” (2017-2021).