Erasmus+ Programs

5 reasons to participate in ERASMUS+ programs and become an exchange student
1. Expand your horizons.
One of the goals of the program is cultural exchange. You will learn about the culture of a new country, get new and interesting impressions.
2. Training in another framework.
The program provides an opportunity to study at a European university, gain new student experience, feel the difference in the education system.
3. To learn foreign language better.
Training in the European Economic Area will undergo in English or another foreign language, so you will significantly improve your knowledge. And since communication with other students is also likely to take place in foreign language, you will learn not only professional terms, but also everyday words and expressions.
4. Gain financial independence.
The size of the scholarship grant depends on the university and the program, but the scholarship and travel grant typically cover all costs associated with the exchange program. You will learn to plan your budget yourself, allocating money for moving, comfortable living in the country, paying for housing and travel.
5. Get out of your comfort zone.
Moving and studying in another country allows you to become independent, learn to solve both household and educational issues, meet new people, gain useful experience.

Our students have a great opportunity to participate in ERASMUS + mobility programs. Our partners include the following European universities:
1. Alpen-Adria-UniversitatKlagenfurt, Klagenfurt (curator – Prof. Olha Cherednichenko, the SEMIT Department, tel. 067-754-79-44).
2. Bratislava University of Economics and Management, Bratislava (curator – Assistant Oksana Ivashchenko, the SEMIT Department, tel. 067-775 15 92.
3. University Sorbonne Paris Nord, Paris (curator – Prof. Olha Cherednichenko, the SEMIT Department, tel. 067-754-79-44).
4. University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Würzburg-Schwanfurt (curator – Assoc. Prof. Denis Meshkov, Director of the Educational Center “German Technical Faculty”, tel. 050-954-59-37).
You can also ask questions about each of these free economic zones to the head of the international relations department Oleksandr Honcharov, tel. 057-706-32-28.