Student Scientific Clubs

In order to identify and involve gifted young people in scientific activities, to deepen students’ study of the relevant field of science, to acquire research skills and apply the acquired knowledge in practice, to discuss topical issues of the relevant field of science, to expand their general and professional outlook, student scientific clubs were created at the department under the guidance of the department’s teachers.

Consultations within the framework of scientific clubs are held once every 2 weeks, in agreement with the heads of the clubs.

Current student scientific clubs of the SE&MIT Department:

Methods and models of software quality research using elements of the theory of intelligence
Assoc. Prof. Belova M.O.
Sokol, V., Bilova, M., Druzhynin, A., Cherkun, N., & Perepelytsia, I. (2021). An Adaptive Algorithm for Effective Selection of Training Content for IT Professionals. In COLINS (pp. 1173-1183).

Study of the problems of information search on e-commerce resources
Assoc. Prof. Vovk M.A.
Vovk, M. A., Ivashchenko, O. V., Pavlenko, V. S., & Shevchenko, T. A. (2021). Search and compare products on e-commerce platforms.

Information technology management systems in conditions of uncertainty
Assoc. Prof. Volovshchikov V.Yu.
Lobanov, M. S., Volovshchikov, V. Yu., Shapo, V. F., & Levinsky, M. V. (2021). Assessment of the reliability of software systems at the stages of design and testing.

Information technologies for the daily activities of the NPP of the higher education institution
Assoc. Prof. Dvukhglavov D.E., Sr. Lect. Dvukhglavova A.S.
Kovalska, N. O., & Dvukhglavov, D. E. (2023). A mobile application for displaying information about the teaching load of the teacher.

Methods and models of formation of knowledge bases within KMS
Assoc. Prof. Kozulya M.M.
Nikitin, V. V., & Kozulya, M. M. (2022). Certification of digital content in NFT, National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”.

Methods and models of Business Intelligence
Assoc. Prof. Kopp A.M.
Rudskyi, O., & Kopp, A. (2023). ALGORITHM AND SOFTWARE TO ASSESS THE COMPLIANCE OF BUSINESS PROCESS MODELS WITH THEIR TEXTUAL DESCRIPTIONS. Computer systems and information technologies, (3), 40-50.

Comprehensive assessment of multi-character objects and processes
Assoc. Prof. Lyutenko I.V.
Liutenko, IV, & Bieliaiev, OI (2021). Problems of assessing the economic efficiency of information systems for retail enterprises.

Modeling and analysis of business systems and business processes. Theoretical and practical aspects
Prof. Orlovsky D.L.
Kopp, A., Orlovsky, D., & Ersoilen, D. (2022). AN APPROACH TO APPLICATIONS OF ARCHITECTURE MODELS ANALYSIS. Computer systems and information technologies, (2), 23-32.

Models, methods and means of software development based on the use of corporate knowledge and high-quality training of personnel of IT companies
Assoc. Prof. Sokol V.E.
Sokol, V., Bilova, M., & Kharin, A. (2020, October). An Approach for Creating Learning Content from Knowledge Management System. In Conference on Integrated Computer Technologies in Mechanical Engineering–Synergetic Engineering (pp. 692-703). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Problems of information search and intellectual analysis of data on electronic resources
Prof. Cherednichenko O.Yu.
Cherednichenko, O. Yu., Zubenko, A. O., Yevtushenko, D. S., & Hoang, V. Kh. (2021). Grouping of product offers on e-commerce trading platforms.

Methods and models of virtualization of parallel data processing systems
Prof. Shevchenko S.V.
Shevchenko, S. V., & Krasnozhon, E. V. (2022). Formation of evaluations of the effectiveness of multi-criteria selection of the architecture of the computing system in the cloud environment.

Distributed strategic decision support systems
Assoc. Prof. Shmatko O.V.
Shmatko, O., Litvinova, J., & Shokin, M. (2023). New blockchain-based supply chain management system model. Scientific Collection “InterConf+”, (33 (155)), 470-479.

Multi-agent models and methods of gathering and extracting information
Assoc. Prof. Yangolenko O.V.
Yangolenko, O. V., Matveev, O., Ostroglyad, V. V., & Korsun, I. A. (2021). Collection and extraction of information by building a multi-agent system.

New scientific clubs of the SE&MIT department, in which students are invited to participate:

Methods and models of artificial intelligence and their application in software
Assoc. Prof. Burdayev V.P.

Models and methods of building adaptive e-learning systems
Sr. Lect. Kosmachev O.S.

Development of complex models of support and decision-making for managing complex systems
Assoc. Prof. Chernova N.L.

Methods and models of electric power and electromechanical systems using modern IT technologies
Prof. Yagup K.V.