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Our innovative approach to education is based on modern educational programs carefully approved by leading IT companies, which provides our students with relevant skills and knowledge. We are proud of our 60 years of successful experience in training IT professionals, which confirms our strong credibility in the field of education.

Our teachers are professionals with real-world experience in IT field, who help students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also develop practical skills necessary for a successful career. In addition, we provide opportunities for internships and double degrees from European universities, expanding the horizons of our students.

Participation in international conferences and startup project competitions fosters creative thinking and stimulates an innovative approach to problem solving. Our graduates have a unique opportunity to present their ideas on a global scale, expanding their capabilities and building international partnerships.

Thanks to our efforts and high-quality training process, we guarantee 100% employment of our graduates. We believe in the power of education and are ready to give our students the keys to a successful and highly paid career in the IT industry.

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Project-based learning
Our educational program is determined not only by traditional methods, but also by a modern project-based approach, which is an alternative one to standard teaching methods. This approach promotes active student engagement and develops their creative and analytical skills.

Students work independently on individual projects within our Innovation Campus, an innovative environment designed to foster and support creativity and research. This gives students the opportunity to bring their ideas to life, interact with other talented participants, and develop their practical skills.

The project-based approach allows students to gain not only theoretical knowledge but also real-life experience in solving problems they may encounter in their professional lives. This method promotes the development of critical thinking, communication skills and time management, which is important in today’s information society.

Our Innovation Campus becomes a platform for creative growth and exchange of ideas, where students can unleash their potential and implement innovative projects, which contributes to their professional growth and preparation for the challenges of the modern IT environment.

Education in English
Our educational program is implemented entirely in English, providing students with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in an international language environment. Education in English opens the door to global opportunities and expands the possibilities of cooperation with international companies and specialists.

Our professors, who have extensive experience in the IT industry, provide high-level training by creating a goal-oriented learning environment. Studying in English also helps students improve their language skills, which is an added advantage for their future career development in the global labor market.

International Programs
Our students have a unique opportunity to take advantage of mobility programs and obtain double degrees by cooperating with leading universities in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, France and Sweden from the second year of study. This opens up wide horizons for academic and cultural exchange, contributing to the development of international experience and expanding their circle of professional contacts.

Mobility programs allow students not only to study various courses and specializations at foreign universities, but also to implement the knowledge gained in a real international environment. Double degrees obtained as a result of these programs are a true definition of academic achievement and open up new opportunities for career growth in the global labor market.

Practice-oriented Education
Our Master’s program is designed to meet the needs of the modern labor market. During their studies, students of the department attend the first classes and are actively engaged on Saturdays, using this time for in-depth study of the material and development of practical skills.

However, the uniqueness of our Master’s program is that students have the opportunity to work full-time in IT companies during the remaining time from their studies. This allows them to gain valuable practical experience and implement the knowledge gained in a real production environment. This approach not only makes learning more practical, but also creates unique conditions for students to integrate into the professional community and ensure their successful career in their chosen field.