Double degree program with RWTH Aachen University

Now you have a chance to get a second degree at the elite state university in Germany – RWTH Aachen!
Starting from the second year of study, students of NTU “KhPI” can be enrolled in a university in Germany. To do this, you will need to demonstrate excellent knowledge of the basic disciplines and the German language.

See the program presentation:

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Watch a video presentation of the program and answers to frequently asked questions:

1️⃣ Stage 1: entry to the competition proposal with a note “Innovation Campus” (summer of the calendar year of admission, both budget and contract form of admission).

🔹 121. Software Engineering (Innovation Campus)
💻 Focus on software design, development, engineering, and testing.

🔸 122. Computer Science and Intelligent Systems (Innovation Campus)
🤖 Focus on software development based on artificial intelligence.

2️⃣ Stage 2: successful selection to the Innovation Campus (2 weeks at the beginning of the second semester of study, February of the next calendar year, after 1 semester).

3️⃣ Stage 3: preparation of documents for admission as exchange student (May of the following calendar year, 2nd semester):
▪️ registration RWTH Online;
▪️ motivation letter;
▪️ certificates of knowledge of English and German, at the time of submission of documents, level B1 is sufficient (issued by NTU “KhPI”);
▪️ transcript of academic performance for two semesters (issued by NTU “KhPI”).

4️⃣ Stage 4: Finding accommodation for the period of study (summer of the next calendar year, after the 2nd semester). We do not provide free accommodation, but Aachen has organized a system for student accommodation. 👉 More Details.

5️⃣ Stage 5: Confirmation of German and English language proficiency at B2 level to start studying (September of the following calendar year, beginning of the 3rd semester).

6️⃣ Stage 6: Arrival in Aachen and start of studies (October of the following calendar year, 3rd semester).

7️⃣ Stage 7: Passing official exams to confirm your language level: C1 German, B2 English (September of the next calendar year, beginning of the 5th semester). The list of certificates, approved by Aachen.

8️⃣ Stage 8: Preparing and submitting documents for transfer to a degree program in order to receive a diploma from RWTH Aachen at the end of your studies.

‼️ Tuition for the program is free, but students are responsible for their own accommodation and meals. The estimated cost and list of expenses can be found here.