Department of Mathematical
modeling and intelligent
computing in engineering

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Computer and mathematical modeling

Computer science. Modelling, design and computer graphics.


“Process simulation, data processing and analysis”

First year admission

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Get results on your EIE test. You will need: Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, physics or English.


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№1 Apply for Master Degree

You can enroll in a master’s degree program

113 Applied mathematics — competitive proposal: Computer and mathematical modeling, and

122 Computer science — educational trajectory: Process modeling, data processing and analysis. Continue your studies after the 4th year with a bachelor’s degree from any university in any specialty.

№2 Apply for PhD program

You can continue your education after a 5th or 6th year by enrolling in the graduate school of NTU “KPI”.


The history of the department begins in 1930, when our university, which was then called Kharkov Mechanical Engineering Institute, created the specialty "Dynamics and strength of machines", which prepared specialists of a fundamentally new type, synthesizing deep physical and mathematical training and practical engineer skills. Now such a system of training of specialists is known worldwide as the “PhysTech” system....


  • 122 Computer Science. Modeling, design and computer graphics (Process simulation, data processing and analysis).
  • 113 Applied mathematics. Computer and mathematical modeling.

International cooperation

  • International scientific grants
  • European educational programs
  • Leonard Euler Fellowships
  • Study trips to Germany
  • Individual grants for students and investors

Our graduates work in the following companies:

Наші випускники працюють в Epam
Партнер кафедри динаміки та міцності машин компанія altexsoft
Улюблене місце роботи наших випускників - Nix Solutions
Партнер кафедри динаміки та міцності машин компанія Gameloft
Партнер кафедри динаміки та міцності машин компанія codeIT
Партнер кафедри динаміки та міцності машин компанія SoftServe
Наші випускники працюють в GlobalLogic
Прогрестех та ХПІ
AMC Birdge радий бачити випускників зі спеціальності 113 Прикладна математика
Івченко-Прогрес радий бачити випускників зі спеціальності 113 Прикладна математика

Our graduates work in the following companies:

International relations of the department:

Industrial relations of the department:

  • State enterprise OJSC “TURBOATOM”, Kharkov, Ukraine;
  • Kharkov Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau named after. Morozova, Kharkov, Ukraine;
  • Kharkov State Aviation Production Enterprise, Kharkov, Ukraine;
  • Special design and technological bureau of submersible electrical equipment JSC “Potential”, Kharkov, Ukraine;
  • State enterprise Kharkov Machine-Building Plant OJSC “FED”, Kharkov, Ukraine;
  • JSC “Kharkov Tractor Plant named after Ordzhonikidze”, Kharkov, Ukraine;
  • Software developer “Aquasoft” LLC, Dnepr, Ukraine.

Scientific school of MME department:

Currently, the scientific school on dynamics, strength, reliability and optimization of complex machines and structures under intensive load conditions is developing in the following directions:

  • nonlinear mechanics of thin-walled structural elements;
  • forecasting the reliability of structural elements, taking into account the randomness of the load and the properties of the system under different physical failure models;
  • mathematical modeling in problems of technological mechanics of products made of polymer composite materials;
  • research of thermophysical, thermoelastic and rheological properties of composite materials using micromechanics methods;
  • development of the theory of layered shells with layers of materials with piezoelectric properties;
  • development of scientific foundations, algorithms and software tools for applying the method of boundary integral equations for solving three-dimensional problems of the mechanics of a solid medium;
  • development of methods of strength calculations and research of elements of wheel pairs of diesel locomotives in operational and optimal technological modes;
  • development of computerized methods of experimental research of parts of highly loaded machines with the aim of extending their resource and working out diagnostic signs for the next inclusion in the diagnostic system.


Department MME:
Kharkiv, st. Kirpychova, 2,
Physical building, 1st floor
(057) 707-68-79
(066) 692-42-33


Acceptance of documents:
Kharkiv, st. Kirpychova, 2,
Educational building No. 2 (U2), 3rd floor, auditorium 310, admissions committee of the educational and scientific institute COMPUTER MODELING, APPLIED PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS NTU «KhPI»
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