One of the main areas of work is the organization and participation in inter-university, regional and international scientific conferences. Among them, the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Information Technologies: Science, Technology, Technology, Education, Health" (MicroCAD), International Conference of Students and Postgraduates "Ukraine and the World" and others.

The department is traditionally engaged in research activities. The subject of scientific research is an integral part of the University's research in the field of social and humanitarian sciences, and is coordinated with the research plans of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Research fields:

20162019: "History of the development of the scientific, educational and industrial potential of Sloboda Ukraine in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries" (Scientific supervisor of the department research topic is prof. V. M. Sklyar); "Spiritual Culture of Ukraine: History and Contemporaneity" (scientific supervisor of the research topic is prof O. O. Petutina).

2019–2022: "History and culture of Slobozhanshchyna as a component of the civilizational progress of Ukraine in the XIX - early XXI centuries." (DR №0119U002616) (Scientific supervisor of the departmental research topic is prof. V. M. Sklyar)

The end of 2020, the faculty of the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Cultural Studies and the History of Science had the following achievements in the scientific work:

  • during the year four teaching aids, 66 articles, 25 advisory works were published;
  • 34 presentations and reports of the lecturers at the scientific international and all-Ukrainian conferences were organized;
  • the defense of 1 doctoral and 3 candidate thesis took place;
  • the department became the co-organizer of 15 exhibitions;
  • the teachers of the department were scientific advisors of 60 student research projects and provided training for the students of NTU "KhPI" to participate in the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in History;
  • the department took part in 5 international scientific projects.