Elective Subjects

The student’s choice of academic disciplines in the amount of not less than 25% of the total number of ECTS credits creates conditions for achieving the following goals:

  • to deepen professional knowledge within the chosen educational program and to acquire additional special professional competencies, including the acquisition of a professional qualification (if a professional standard is available);
  • deepen knowledge and acquire additional general and professional competencies within the specialty or related specialties in the same field of knowledge;
  • to familiarize themselves with the current level of scientific research in other fields of knowledge and to expand or deepen the learning outcomes of general competencies.

Students’ choice of academic disciplines is regulated by the relevant regulations.

Questionnaire forms for students:

  • Bachelor
  • Master (educational and professional program, 1 year 4 months)
  • Master (educational and scientific program, 1 year 9 months)


Master Electives


PhD Electives