Veniamin Mykhailovych Maizel

The history of the department begins in 1930 when, at our university, then known as the Kharkiv Mechanical and Machine-Building Institute, a specialization in “Dynamics and Strength of Machines” was established. This program aimed to educate professionals of a fundamentally new type, combining deep physical and mathematical training with practical engineering skills. Today, such a training system is globally recognized as the “Phystech” system.

The founders of the specialization were distinguished scientists: Academicians Abram Yoffe, Ivan Obreymov, Kyrylo Synelnykov, and Professor Ivan Babakov. Over the years, the department was led by Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR Veniamin Maizel (1936-1941), Academician Anatoliy Philippov (1948-1960), Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine Sergiy Bogomolov (1960-1991), Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the Higher School Academy of Ukraine Gennadiy Lvov (1992-2020). Since 2020 and up to the present, the head of the department is the laureate of the President of Ukraine’s Prize for Young Scientists for outstanding achievements, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences Oleksii Vodka.

As the nearly 100-year experience has shown, the idea of such specialist training has proven to be very fruitful.
The widely renowned scientific school in the field of Dynamics and Strength of Machines, established at our university, provides each student with significant opportunities to excel in the scientific realm. Here, students, working alongside scientists, acquire fundamental knowledge that enables them to tackle problems in practically any field of science and technology. This empowers our professionals to confidently navigate the rapidly evolving world of technology and be true innovators in any workplace.
A distinctive feature of our graduates is their excellent command of information technologies, proficiency in working on modern computers, the ability to develop algorithms for complex processes, flawless programming skills, and expertise in using CAD systems.
Our department was one of the first from higher education institutions in the USSR to introduce electronic computing machines and programming methods into student education and research in the late fifties. Our successful alumni work as scientists, programmers, engineers, and entrepreneurs in many countries around the world, including Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Israel, Canada, China, Poland, Russia, and the USA.

Anatoliy Petrovich Filipov


Sergiy Ivanovych Bohomolov

Significant milestones in the history of the department include:

  • Establishment of the Scientific Research Problem Laboratory “Dynamics and Strength of Machines” – 1956;
  • Creation of the first laboratory in Ukraine with a testing rig for turbine disc experiments – 1957;
  • Introduction of electronic computers (EOM) in the educational process – 1958;
  • Formation of the department’s editorial board for the republican scientific and technical collection “Dynamics and Strength of Machines” – 1965;
  • Establishment of a computing center branch at the university initiated by the department – 1967;
  • Initiation of collaboration between the department and the “Solid Mechanics” department of Magdeburg University, Germany – 1971;
  • Organization of a specialized Academic Council for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations – 1977;
  • Establishment of a department branch at the Institute of Machine Building Problems of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – 1976;
  • Awarding a group of faculty and alumni of the department with the State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR in 1985 and the State Prize of Ukraine in 1997;
  • Commencement of joint research projects between the DMM department and the MTT department of Magdeburg University with the support of the DAAD foundation – 1993.

Key scientific achievements:

The development of fundamental research at the department and the problem laboratory on the mechanics of deformed solids was significantly influenced by the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Anatoliy P. Filipov, and Professor Ivan M. Babakov. New scientific directions and research schools were formed based on the research conducted at the department, led by various professors:

  • Professor Sergiy I. Bogomolov – vibrations of complex mechanical systems;
  • Professor Anatoliy V. Burlakov – nonlinear creep of thin shells;
  • Professor Yevhen H. Holoskokov – nonstationary vibrations of mechanical systems;
  • Professor Volodymyr B. Hrynyov – optimization of mechanical systems;
  • Professor Oleksandr K. Morachkovsky – investigation of creep in anisotropic elements of machine structures;
  • Professor Gennadiy I. Lvov – solving contact problems of nonlinear deformation of thin-walled structural elements;
  • Professor Volodymyr O. Zhovdak – prediction of reliability of structural elements under random vibrations;
  • Professor Oleksiy O. Larin – theoretical foundations for predicting the reliability of machine elements with rubber-cord composites under fatigue-induced failures;
  • Professor Grygoriy Yu. Martynenko – dynamics of rotors in turbo machines with passive and active magnetic bearings.

Ivan Mykhailovych Babakov

Computing Center of the Department:

Established in 1989 as the computing center of the Faculty of Engineering Physics (renamed in 2022 to the Educational and Scientific Institute of Computer Modeling, Applied Physics, and Mathematics), and since 1995, the computing center of the DMM Department. The Computing Center hosts lectures, practical sessions, and laboratory classes for courses such as:

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science and Programming;
  • Algorithmic Languages;
  • Computer Networks;
  • Basics of CAD (Computer-Aided Design);
  • Databases and Knowledge Bases;
  • Mathematical Modeling of Processes and Objects;
  • Software complexes for strength and dynamic calculations;
  • Integrated computer systems.

According to the order No. 329 OD dated 07.11.2022 (protocol No. 8 dated 28.10.2022), the Academic Council of NTU “KhPI” on 08.11.2022 made a decision to rename the Department of “Dynamics and Strength of Machines” (DSM) to the Department of “Mathematical Modeling and Intelligent Computing in Engineering” (MME)