History of the department has begun in 1930, when at our university, previously named Kharkov Mechanical-machine-building Institute, a new physical-mechanics faculty has been organized, which consisted of following specialties: physics, physics of dielectrics, mechanics, technical mechanics, solid body structure. These specialties trained the specialists of fundamentally new type synthesizing the deep physical and mathematical preparation and skills of the practical engineer. Nowadays this system of specialist training is known all over the world as system “phys-tech”.

Founders of the faculty were following outstanding scientists: academicians Ioffe A.F., Obreimov I.V., Sinelnikov K.D., Valter A.K., professors Babakov I.M., Blokh V.I. During all these years the department was managed by corr.-member of AS USSR Majzel V.M. (1936-1941), acad. of AS USSR Filippov A.P. (1948-1960), Prof., Dr.Tech.Sci., laureate of Ukrainian state award Bogomolov S.I. (1960-1991). Since 1992 till present time the department is managed by Prof., Dr.Tech.Sci., acad. of NAS of the higher school of Ukraine – Lvov G.I.

As eighty-years experience has shown, the idea of such training of specialists has proved to be rather fruitful. Today it is also confirmed by the practical experience of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.


Widely known scientific school on dynamics and strength of machines, established at our university, gives to students great possibilities to prove themselves in the scientific sphere. Here a student, working side by side with scientists, finds fundamental knowledge, which will allow him/her to solve problems of almost any fields of a science and technics. It gives the chance to our specialists to feel confidently in promptly changing world of new technics, to be the true developers on any workplace.

Especially valuable due to today’s requirements feature of our graduates is that they perfectly acquainted with information technologies, operations on the modern computers, skills to develop algorithms of any complex processes and perfectly develop coding and operate CAD/CAE systems.

Our department one of the first among universities of USSR first yet in the late fifties introduced computer technics and programming methods into education of students and scientific investigations. Our graduates successfully work as scientists, programmers, engineers and businessmen in many countries all over the world – Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Israel, Canada, China, Poland, Russia, USA.

Noticeable milestones in history of the department were:


  • organization of scientific and research problem laboratory “Dynamics and strength of machines” – 1956;
  • organization of laboratory, the first in Ukraine, with the equipment for testing of disks of turbomachines – 1957;
  • beginning of the employment of a computer in educational process – 1958;
  • оestablishment by the department of publication of the republican scientific and technical proceedings “Dynamics and strength of machines” – 1965;
  • creation in the university on initiative of the department of computational center – 1967;
  • beginning of collaboration with the department “Solid body mechanics” (SBM) of Magdeburg technical University in German Democratic Republic (GDR) – 1971;
  • organization of a specialized academic council on defense of theses for candidate or doctor of science degree – 1977;
  • organization of branch of the department at Institute for mechanical engineering problems of NAS Ukraine – 1976;
  • awarding to group of lecturers and graduates of the department of the USSR state award in 1985 and the Ukraine state award in 1997;
  • beginning of the joint scientific and research works between the departments DSM and SBM of Magdeburg technical University (Germany) under financial support of foundation DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) – 1993.

Main scientific achievements:


Especially important role in development of fundamental investigations of the department and problem laboratory on the mechanics of solid deformable body have been played by acad. of AS USSR Filippov A.P. and Prof. Babakov I.M. The following new scientific directions have been formulated and new scientific schools have been created on the basis of the scientific investigations implemented on the department by the following scientists:

  • Prof. Bogomolov S.I. — on oscillations of complex mechanical systems;
  • Prof. Burlakov A.V. — on non-linear creep of thin-walled shells;
  • Prof. Goloskokov E.G. — on non-stationary oscillations of mechanical systems;
  • Prof. Grynev V.B. — on optimization of mechanical systems;
  • Prof. Morachkovsky O.К. — on investigation of creep of the anisotropic structural machine-building elements;
  • Prof. Lvov G.I. — on solution of contact problems of a non-linear deforming of thin-walled structural elements;
  • Prof. Zhovdak V.O. — on prediction of reliability of structural elements at random oscillations.

  Computational center of the department:


It was established in 1989 as a computational center of physical-engineering faculty, since 1995 it is a computational center of the department DSM. Lectures, practical and laboratory works are carried out on the CC within the following courses:

  • basics of informatics and programming;
  • algorithmic languages;
  • computer networks;
  • basics of CAD/CAE systems;
  • databases and knowledgebases;
  • mathematical modeling of processes and objects;
  • program complexes for analysis of strength and dynamics;
  • integrated computer systems.