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113 – Applied mathematics

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Computer and mathematical modeling

at the educational and scientific institute computer modeling, applied physics and mathematics NTU “KhPI”

The purpose of the specialty

Specialty 113“Applied mathematics” – tender offer“Comp “computer and mathematical modeling” , aimed at training bachelors and masters who are able to formulate, solve and generalize practical problems in their professional activities using fundamental and special applied methods of mathematical and computer sciences, as well as develop mathematical models, algorithms, create and operate appropriate scientific software.
Specialty Idea 113– Applied mathematics consists in the study of mathematical methods aimed at building various types of models. Considerable attention is paid to the study of mathematical modeling methods and their implementation through software development. In addition to mathematical modeling, the possibilities of 3D and computer modeling are studied. Methods of building models based on big data are being actively implemented. The specialty has an applied nature, because the construction of models is carried out on real examples and is accompanied by the development of appropriate programs.
Study in specialty 113 Applied mathematics includes:
  • Basic mathematical preparation
  • Computer modeling tools (programming, 3D modeling, numerical simulations)
  • Fundamentals of mechanics of structures and systems
  • Modeling the behavior of modern materials (in particular, composite, smart and bio-materials)
  • Modeling of nonlinear and stochastic dynamic processes
  • Modern software (information) design and analysis tools

What is "Computer and mathematical modeling"?

Today specialty 113 — Applied mathematics and educational program “Computer and mathematical modeling” includes:
  • data-driven modeling of composite materials;
  • biomechanics and smart materials;
  • analysis of random dynamics, nonlinear processes, forecasting;
  • computational intelligence, algorithms and programming (C++, C#, Java, Python, Matlab, etc.) ;
  • computer simulations in engineering, simulating crash tests;
  • work with Big data – databases, intellectual analysis, mathematical statistics, data science, and etc.
data-driven, BigData, dataScience, С++, C#, Java, Python, Matlab, nonlinearProcesses, forecasting, computationalіntelligence, algorithms, programming, engineering, crasTests, dataBases, intellectualAnalysis, mathematicalStatistics

Areas of application of knowledge:

Our students study and apply their knowledge in various directions. In particular, students create models of the mechanical behavior of living organisms (biomechanics), develop the structure and evaluate the properties of complex (composite, intelligent and biological) materials. They learn to determine the vibration state of structures by theoretical and experimental methods. Particular attention in students’ works is given to the issues of determining the strength and reliability of elements of machines and mechanisms. During training, students use modern software complexes and develop their own applications for automated modeling.

Technologies under study

List of disciplines:

The curriculum of specialty 113 – Applied Mathematics includes the disciplines of the standard, as well as those defining the educational program “Computer and Mathematical Modeling”. Disciplines of free choice allow you to develop skills in IT areas, etc.
*DFC – disciplines of free choice. Each student of higher education has the right to personally choose elective disciplines to create their own individual educational trajectory.

Practice in German Universities

Senior students courses have the opportunity to practice in the countries of the European Union. Students of the 5th and 6th years receive a scholarship named after Leonard Euler from the German Academic Exchange Foundation (DAAD). All interested students can become a participant of the Erasmus European academic exchange program, within which they can study for one or two semesters at one of the universities of the European Union countries.

Student Life

In addition to mathematics and modeling, our students have every opportunity to actively spend their free time. They have at their disposal the Palace of Students, the Sports Complex and the entire territory of the KhPI NTU campus.

Possible employment

Senior year students and our graduates work in the largest Ukrainian and global engineering and global IT companies and engineering firms consulting by researchers and engineers engaged in software design and development, computer modeling of various processes that are formed in mechanical systems and in modern new technology. The following companies have the greatest demand for our graduates: SoftServe, NIX-solutions, GL, EPAM, “Progresstech Ukraine”, “BOEING”, “BIIR”, “SoftInWay”, “Aktualna Mechanika”, “UPEK” and many others.
Роботодавці ДММ
Партнер кафедри динаміки та міцності машин компанія SoftServe
Партнер кафедри динаміки та міцності машин компанія softinway
Партнер кафедри динаміки та міцності машин компанія altexsoft
Партнер кафедри динаміки та міцності машин компанія altexsoft
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