DAAD: The Postdoc-NeT-AI 3/2022 in AI and Robotics for early career researchers


The DAAD AInet Fellowship is awarded twice a year to a group of outstanding international early career researchers in the field of artificial intelligence. Awardees will be invited to join the Postdoctoral Networking Tour in Artificial Intelligence (Postdoc-NeT-AI), a hybrid networking program that brings them face-to-face with leading researchers with the goal to initiate collaborations and career opportunities. Additionally, awardees will be included in the DAAD AInet Fellows & Alumni Network, offering you a long-term gateway to German AI research, and bringing you together with other bright researchers from all over the world.


The Postdoc-NeT-AI 3/2022 – AI and Robotics

The Postdoc-NeT-AI 3/2022 in AI and Robotics brings together leading German research institutions in AI and Robotics covering a wide range of AI-based methods for robotics, from robot control and perception to autonomous, learning, and bioinspired robots to cooperation in multirobot systems and interaction with humans.

Successful candidates will get a comprehensive insight into German robotics research and have the chance to connect personally with leading researchers during the virtual networking week and individual on-site visits.


Get a comprehensive overview of the German AI research landscape and career options:

  • Learn about AI research and funding opportunities in Germany directly from the experts at the AInet Open Days (open to all applicants),
  • get to know the strong and broad German AI research system and the various career paths it offers through the selected institutions at the Virtual Networking Week,
  • get individual advice and exclusive access to funding opportunities by the DAAD.

Get in touch directly with leading researchers from your field to discuss opportunities for collaborations and employment:

  • Seize the unique chance of one-on-one meetings with top-researchers from the host institutions to initiate continuing relations,
  • visit the institutions and Germany in person with DAAD’s one-week travel stipend,
  • benefit from the connections within the growing DAAD AInet Partner Network.

Create long-term ties with other fellows and the German AI research community:

  • Stay connected to the DAAD and former fellows through the DAAD AInet Fellows & Alumni Network,
  • join one of the DAAD AInet Working Groups to be connected among each other and with research and networking opportunities according to your specific interests.

Application deadline is Monday, January 11 at 11:59 am CEST/UTC+2

For questions and consultations, fill the form by the link: PRESS THE LINK

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