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Department of chemical engineering and industrial ecology (formerly Department of mechanical equipment of chemical industries) was organized 18.10.1946 in the faculty of technology of inorganic substances Kharkiv Institute of chemical technology.

The Department was established for training specialists in the specialty “Machines and apparatus of chemical plants”, the first engineers in this specialty was held in 1948 In 1948 in the reconstruction of the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, the contingent of students increased due to the dissolution of Rubizhne chemical-technological Institute.

The history of the Department, ChTPEis the life and scientific work of talented scientists, organizers of production, highly skilled engineers, pioneers in the development of science and higher education of Ukraine. The Department staff was directly involved in the formation and development of the country’s chemical and petroleum engineering, chemical industry, construction, material science.

Among the graduates – Heroes of Socialist Labor, winner of Lenin and State prizes, General Directors of enterprises, heads of universities and research institutes.

The establishment of the Department was carried out under the guidance of talented organizers at every stage which gave a new impulse to educational and scientific processes.

The first head was Assoc. Asnin Y.I.

Subsequently the Department was headed at different times by Professor Zeitlin, A. N. (1947-1948 G. G.), Assoc. Mukhin I. N. (1948-1970 G. G.), Assoc. Gavra N. A. (G. G. between 1970 and 1985) – known scientists in the field of chemical technology and engineering.

In 1960, the Department established the Department of chemical engineering. At various times, the Department worked docents Kozlov V. Y., Shipilov N.. Tovazhnyanskiy L. L., Nazarenko V. L.
In 1958 to 1962, within the current contingent, a group of students is profiled in equipment for production and processing of plastics, and since 1962 – in the installation of chemical equipment.

Since the organization of the Department is actively conducted research work. In 50-ies under the leadership of I. N. Mukhina was successfully mined by the hydrogenation of brown coal (Alexandria, Ukraine).

In the 60-ies – 70-ies there were several scientific directions:

– development of recommendations on rational use of gas and gas condensate to Shebelynka field and technology of obtaining high-octane gasoline (I. N. Mukhin, E. V. Kowalski, V. L. Nazarenko, A. S. Gurzhi). This technology produce gasoline at the Shebelynka gas processing plant and at the present time.

– study and design of plate heat exchangers (L. L. tovazhnyanskiy, R. A. Yastrebenetsky, V. A. Tsibulnik). One of the designs developed in conjunction with UkrNIIHimMash and Uralhimmash, at the international exhibition-fair in Leipzig in 1976 he was awarded a gold medal. For the first time in the world these coils were embedded in the columns of the synthesis of ammonia;

– intensification of large-scale crushing (V. Ya. Kozlov, G. P. Sobolev, N. C. Shipilov, A. V. Ryzhov, A. N. Ivanov, A. A. Smarad). Designed by the creative team’s new design banevurovo tube mills have significantly improved the performance of the machines. The results have been implemented in a number of cement enterprises, which allowed to obtain a significant economic effect;

– development of theoretical bases and technology of synthesis of methanol by direct oxidation of natural gas, and technologies for producing methanol from synthesis gas waste production of acetylene (V. I. Atroshchenko, N. A. Gavra, I. A., Slabun). These data were used in the design of the first domestic high-performance methanol one of which is constructed in Ukraine (Severodonetsk) and operated until the present time.

According to the results of the research conducted in the 60-ies – 70-ies the Department has defended 8 PhD theses.

In subsequent years, significantly upgraded teaching and research staff of the Department, but the tradition remained.

In 1985 the Department was headed by Professor G. A. weaver, honored inventor of Ukraine, academician of the economically active population of Ukraine, doctor of technical Sciences.

The staff of the Department has always believed that education without science and research processes does not meet the requirements of modern times.

Therefore, the main concept of teaching in the Department is and has always been — the Union of the training and research processes. The Department organized a training lab consisting of stands filter, heat exchanger, refrigeration equipment and stand study of stresses in elements of chemical equipment. Laboratory benches are provided with teaching materials and computers. Classrooms are equipped with modern technical means of education. From 1970 to 1985 the Department was headed by associate Professor Gabra N. And.. From 1985 to 1999 the Department was headed by Professor G. A. weaver Laboratory machines and apparatus updated with new stands research centrifuges FGN and OGS cartridge filters.

Read more about the development and scientific direction of the Department can be found on the page “Development”

Branches of the Department. To implement the idea of integration of science and education Department created interregional training complex elite education (OLS “ELOS”), which includes, apart from the Kharkov state Polytechnic University, academic high school 45, the number of schools and colleges of the city, as well as leading enterprises of chemical engineering. MNK “ELOS” implements the concept of continuous pre-University, University and postgraduate education. Students have the opportunity to engineering a liberal education, studying of the chosen technical specialty and in parallel, the desire to acquire economic profession. At the same time combines daytime and correspondence forms of education.

During the preparation of the master for future professionals to pass the exams for the candidate degree.

Practiced training for students according to individual plans.

On the basis of students perform on modern equipment and computers laboratory works, diploma projects and scientific research work of masters. Branches of the Department is also the base for the practical training.

After the opening of the specialty “Ecology and environmental protection” and “Equipment of processing and food technologies” was opened two more branches and contracts with research organizations on creative collaboration. A branch was opened at LLC brewery “New Bavaria”, Kharkiv experimental repair plant (HERMS). Contracts have been signed with the company “slobozhanskyi mylovar”, the IAF “Ecotone”, a group of companies “ECOPOLYMER” LTD ‘ fitofarm (Artemovsk), the research Institute of Forestry and the conservation of soil they. Vysotsky, “Lightning”. In addition, the Department established a research and technical complex “Prodmaster” and the Department is developing its laboratory facilities for the scientific-technological and educational center of NTU “KHPI”. The material base of branches and the above-mentioned companies have unique equipment, modern computers, which allows to combine scientific achievements with the educational process, to perform physical and mathematical modeling of chemical processes and equipment.

Currently, since 1999 head of the Department is Professor V. P. Shaporev, who is a graduate of this Department in 1966. The Department of ChTPEconducted extensive cooperation with research institutes and industrial enterprises. The employees of Department take an active part in international projects and international scientific research.

Currently, the Department created a powerful material and technical base: branches of the Department at the enterprises of city and region. Work of the Department is allowed to open new specialty, and now the Department trains engineers in 3 specialties:

7.0505313 – Equipment for processing and food production

7.0505315 – Equipment of chemical productions and enterprises of building materials

7.04010601 – Ecology and environment protection

Widely available methodological, reference and special literature. Industrial and predegree practice of students in industrial enterprises of Ukraine and research institutes. The staff of the Department was quite a difficult path, prepared for the national economy of Ukraine more than 4000 specialists in various forms of training, performed dozens of contractual and budget papers, prepared hundreds of teaching materials, produced about 35 books and monographs. Workers of the Department have about 300 author’s certificates and patents of Ukraine, published in professional journals more than 1000 articles.

In the scientific development of actively involved students. Every year the Department runs 10 – 12 research and about 40 real diploma projects. More than 80% of graduates are employed according to individual contracts with enterprises or contracts on target preparation.

At the Department trains specialists in specialities:

05.17.08 — processes and equipment of chemical technology;

Thus during the years of his formation and work of the Department, ChTPE turned into a single educational research and production complex, and has firmly occupied a leading place among the related departments of Ukraine.

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