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“Anything that is important to know can not be taught, — all that can make the teacher is to specify the tracks”
Aldington R.A successful young man or woman aged 30 years, on your own vehicle with its own housing and annual multiple trips around the world…..90% of parents dream about such a future for their children, secretly wiping away tears of joy after the high school. But how to achieve such a dream?The Foundation of any career UPS begins at choice of University, faculty and Department where you’ll do after graduation. Our Department of “Chemical technology and industrial ecology” provides You with a sturdy and reliable Foundation for your future successful life. Why, a skeptical shrug, You ask?

Here are some of the cornerstones of our Foundation:

The first is a whopping 75 years of teaching experience, and multiplied organically connected with a young progressive team of teachers that use ONLY the most modern interactive methods of presentation and control of knowledge. A unique system of knowledge assessment plus additional points for activity are the components of the formulas of scholarship 80% of our students. This is one of the highest rates of NTU “KHPI”.

The second is a REALLY DEMANDED profession in times of economic instability and unpredictability in the state. Always want to eat and bake bread, produce dairy products and cereals, the country will always be. So our specialists and masters who received diplomas in specialty “Equipment of processing and food technologies” can always find a decent job (which proved the class of 2014 and 2015 – 95% of graduates are employed). Repairing houses and roads will also be always – that’s why our experts and masters who received diplomas in specialty “Equipment of chemical productions and enterprises of building materials” has been invited to work at the largest cement, brick, asphalt plants, enterprises for the manufacture of ceramic tiles and Wallpaper, plastic panels and siding throughout Ukraine.

Third – we are the only Department in the East of Ukraine, trains specialists and masters in Ecology and environmental protection with emphasis on industrial ecology. This is not butterflies in the forest to read or on the Vodokanal sludge sumps to maintain. Our graduates in the field of industrial ecology to work in a modern laboratory at the largest enterprises in various industries, from factories to ice cream BAT “Turboatom”.

Fourth – we value and develop the student as a PERSON. Our Department is the leader of the NTU “KHPI” on the organization and participation in various social, philanthropic, sports, environmental, innovative events and promotions. We not only attract and encourage students to participate in our promotions, but also help them in realizing their own projects.

Fifth – established fair and transparent system of international internships for a period from 2 weeks to 1 year. From You – knowledge of the English language and have a passport. We’ll do the rest. Every year we send more than 5 students.

Sixth – we do give the rod and teach to fish, by showing, at the same fishing spots. As Einstein said, education is what remains after you forget all taught. The education that you received from us is your bait, which is always with You!

 pic2 Head of the Department:

Ph. D. Shestopalov O.V.

Vice head of Department:

Professor Ph. D. Moiseev V.F.

Responsible for admission: Tichomorova T.S.

Tel 063-615-71-39, 099-778-39-18

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