R&DI “Molniya” of NTU “KhPI”

Shevchenko str., 47

Kharkov city, 61013

Tel/fax: +(38057) 707 61 33





Short telephone directory

Institute management
Director Buryakovskii S.G. +38057-707-61-33
Director’s reception Apremova T.M. +38057-707-61-33
Deputy director Koval’ A.D. +38057-707-63-18
Chief accountant Tereshchenko L.V. +38057-707-65-46
Scientific secretary Vavriv L.V. +38057-707-63-09
Research departments
Head of department for special investigations (#1) Korobko A.I. +38057-707-62-36
Head of department of electromagnetic compatibility and safety (#2) Knyazev V.V. +38057-707-68-68
Head of department of high-voltage pulse equipment, grounding and lightning protection (#3) Rudenko S.S. +38057-707-66-71
Head of department of electromagnetic testing (#4) Baranov M.I. +38057-707-68-41
Administrative and service subdivisions
Electric superintendent Kirbaba V.S. +38057-707-63-19
Personnel department Orel A.G. +38057-707-63-76



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