Research activities

Research activities in R&DI “Molniya” are carried out in two directions: fulfillment of applied and fundamental research works financed from Ukraine State budget, and fulfillment of business contracts.

The main priority directions of scientific activities of R&DI “Molniya” of NTU “KhPI” are: providing of fulfillment of requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and immunity of technical means to damaging effects of electromagnetic interference of natural and artificial origin; performing electromagnetic diagnostics of grounding devices of power objects of Ukraine, in particular atomic power plants, securing of electromagnetic safety of the State, creation of high-voltage equipment with limiting parameters, ensuring of lightning protection of technical means that are used at strategic objects of Ukraine.

Important scientific and practical results obtained by R&DI “Molniya” of NTU “KhPI” in 2018-2019 with use of the Object of National Heritage (NH)


  1. For the first time in Ukraine were conducted tests of technical means for compliance with requirements of standard NATO ДСТУ-П STANAG 4370:2017 (STANAG 4370 Ed:6/ AЕСТP-500 Ed. E, IDT) for parameters of electromagnetic compatibility including:
  • pumping plant НС30К (State enterprise “Kharkiv Standard Unit Design Office”)
  • instrument 42A26 (Khartron-YUKOM Research and Production Company) ;
  • orientation instrument АТ-25 (ARSENAL Special Device Production State Enterprise).
  1. Assessment of compliance of System of control of electric mechanisms of biological protection of subcritical assembly with requirements of electromagnetic compatibility was performed (NSC “KhIPT”).
  2. Preparation for fulfillment of tests at the experimental base of R&DI “Molniya” with the goal of comparing with results of diagnostics of grounding devices, performed at a number of energy objects of Ukraine, with respect to increasing safety of service staff and reliability of equipment operation, was carried out. They include substations of the North and West PS NPC “Ukrenergo”, DTEK “Donets’koblenergo”, Kryvoriz’ska TPS, Kremenchuts’ka HES, etc. Basing on the results of experimental research at operational stations and substations of Ukraine, comparative analysis will be conducted, which will allow developing a unified approach to determination of pulsed characteristics of grounding devices. The obtained experimental data about processes of spark formation in soil during simulation of direct lightning strike are unique because for the first time in the world they will allow conducting complex tests by current pulses with amplitude 30-100 kA and voltage up to 3 MV for grounding devices. The tests have been planned to conduct at the Object of National Heritage experimental basis of R&DI “Molniya” in 2019.
  3. Contract #12336 of 07.21.2019 with State Enterprise “Antonov” was carried out with use of equipment of the Object of NH. The works by the contract have been carried out in full. As a result of fulfillment of the contract, investigation of immunity to action of lightning currents was conducted, recommendations on increasing immunity of the construction were.
  4.  Scientists council


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