Department of special investigations (RD-1)

Department of special investigations (RD-1)

The head – Dr. Korobko Anatolii Ivanovich

This department is a leading subdivision of the institute that performs fundamental investigations in the field of electrodynamics, electro- and radio physics, high-voltage engineering and pulsed engineering. The results of its investigations have a world novelty and are used in a whole number of unique high-voltage technologies in the nano- and subnanosecond ranges which attaches great practical value to them.

Now the department carries out researches in such areas:

-development and creation of large-size and ultra-wideband generators of pulsed electromagnetic field of nanosecond and subnanosecond range that used as systems of field formation both “connected” systems (strip lines) and “free” systems (antenna radiators);

-development and creation of ultra-wideband generators of pulsed microwave radiation;

-development and creation of metrological support (hardwire and documental) of the works;

-carrying out tests and investigation of behavior of various large-size objects (including super-complex radio-engineering systems of aviation and cosmic equipment) under damaging action of ultra-high-power electromagnetic fields of nano-, subnano- and MW ranges, development of protection methods;

-protection from electromagnetic terrorism and struggle against terrorism;

-development and creation of methods of non-contact destruction of mine-explosive devices;

-technical protection of audio-, video-, and computer information.

Over the quarter-of-century period of its existence the department completed more than 40 research and development works including ones from the conversion program. They include:

-development, creation and carrying out investigations of a number of car-stopping devices – car arrestors of contact and non-contact types that make possible to compulsorily stop an engine of transport vehicles without using firearms and other;

-development and creation of devices for vacuum MW-drying of food products, that allow to carry out drying (and disinfection) of food products to the humidity of 4-6% without changing their vitamin and amino acid composition;

-development and creation of the complex of devices for cleaning inner surfaces of piping from

hard-to-remove sediments in the form of carbon deposits and scale;

-development and creation of portable devices of information protection that are based on using MW-radiation (of the type of “Diplomat” and others).

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