A student of the department will undergo semester training under the Erasmus+ program in Germany

The 3rd year student of the Department of Software Engineering and Management Intelligent Technologies Daryna Udod (group KN-220ae) was selected by the German Educational Center for semester studies under the Erasmus + program in Germany, at the University of Applied Sciences FHWS Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt! We are proud of our applicant and wish her success in her studies!

Daryna is an excellent student and knows German, she has been studying at our #DAZ courses for many years, she is studying software engineering at KhPI, and in the winter semester_2022 she will study computer science/informatics.

Daryna shares her first impressions of studying and staying at a German university:
📌 I have been studying for almost two weeks at the FHWS University of Applied Sciences. Thanks to the courses at DAZ, I have upgraded my German level to B2, and my studies in Germany are much easier than they could be without the knowledge of the language.
📌 I really liked the city and the university! Würzburg has some incredibly fabulous atmosphere… The campus of the Faculty of Computer Science at FHWS has a lot of modern technology and rooms for students to conduct their own research.
📌 Every week the university organizes various events for international students, which allows them to meet more people and immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of Germany.
📌 Two weeks quickly flew by, during that time I managed to meet our students from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, which is great, because when there is a piece of something native in another country, adaptation goes unnoticed. I also met a lot of interesting people from different countries.
📌 I want to advise everyone to learn as many foreign languages as possible so that staying in any country of the world is interesting for you and communication with the locals is not difficult.