Bulletin of the NTU “Khpi”

General information

At the department of system analysis and information and analytical technologies, the editorial board of the specialized publication “Bulletin of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute””, series “System analysis, management and information technologies”, which indexed in international scientometric databases. General information about the Bulletin of NTU “KhPI” can be obtained at the website of the Bulletin of NTU “KhPI”, containing general rules for writing articles together with a list of necessary materials, examples of writing articles Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, recommendations for design lists of literature (according to DSTU 8302:2015 and transliterated with orientation to Harvard style), etc.

Articles submitted to the thematic editorial board “System analysis, management and information technologies” must be accompanied by application for publication and be executed in accordance with the requirements specified in template, which is based on the general rules for the design of articles submitted to the Bulletin of NTU “KhPI” (the template requires two deviations from the general rules – information about the authors and the drawing of Greek letters in formulas). Articles that do not meet the requirements of the template (primarily regarding the styles defined in this template), as well as the general design rules, will not be accepted for publication.

Before sending the prepared article to the editorial board it is mandatory to check the fulfillment of the template requirements . For this, it is necessary to perform actions related to checking the correctness of formatting.

Articles must undergo internal review by the editorial board, as well as external review. If the article is rejected, the corresponding message is sent to its author. A negative review will not be sent, and submitted materials will not be returned. The editorial board is not engaged in the mailing of author’s copies.


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