Educational Program “Applied Computer Engineering”

Educational Program

Applied Computer Engineering

Graduating department

Multimedia Information Technology and Systems

Computer Engineering and Programming

Brief description

Development of modern software for computer systems, intelligent information processing and database management systems, computer-aided design systems; mobile and computer game programming.

The curriculum provides for the training of engineers to work in various fields of professional use of modern computer technology and the Internet, the use of methods of science-based decision-making, the use of new information technologies, including cloud computing.

Selective educational components (Profile blocks). Brief description

1. Multimedia information technologies and systems

Multimedia information technologies and systems are a combination of technologies that integrate different types and ways of presenting and using symbolic, audio and video information, and modern information systems with a wide variety of formats and hardware devices for entering, processing, displaying, and storing multimedia information.

2. Internet of Things information technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) specialization is based on and implements modern areas of improvement of computer science and technology based on cloud technologies.