124 System analysis

Освітня програма Системний аналіз і управління

Systems analysis is a scientific method of cognition that determines the sequence of actions to determine the structural relationships between elements of the system under study, as well as a modern scientific approach that includes the development and application of effective methods to solve problems in complex systems.

The success of the application of systems analysis in solving complex problems is determined by the capabilities of modern information technology. Systems analysis provides the ability to perform analysis, forecasting, design and decision making in complex systems of different nature based on systems methodology.

Educational Program

Systems Analysis and Management

Graduating Department

System Analysis and Information-Analytical technologies

Brief description

The main purpose of training is to train professionals who can use methods and tools of systems analysis and information technology to solve complex problems in various fields.

This goal is achieved by fundamental training in systems analysis and mathematical modeling of complex objects of various natures. Unlike specialties that focus on a relatively narrow field of practical applications, systems analysis belongs to the category of universal. The universality of the specialty is due to a unique educational program based on applied mathematical disciplines, modern information technology and special disciplines focused on the study of modern management theory, decision theory, methods of mathematical and computer modeling of complex processes and systems.

Employment opportunities

Graduates can work as programmers and business systems analysts at IT enterprises of any level, financial institutions, high-tech production complexes, analytical departments of institutions, environmental facilities, energy and housing and communal services.

Selective educational components (Profile blocks). Brief description

1. Systems Analysis and Management

A feature of the disciplines of the block “Systems Analysis and Management” is their focus on deepening mathematical and software training in the field of theory of automatic control and systems analysis. Skills in the design and development of information and analytical systems are supported by the study of modern programming technologies.

2. Information technology system analysis

A feature of the disciplines of the block “Information technology systems analysis” is their focus on deepening training in the field of information technology design and development of modern computer systems and web applications.